In November I published 7 InfoBarrel articles (9,002 words), 5 articles on the electronics site (3,333 words), 4 role playing game supplements (10,354 words), 4 articles on the science fiction site (1,632 words), 2 articles on the general site (795 words) and 1 blog post (558 words). In addition, I republished 1 former Bubblews article on the clothing site (784 words) and 1 on the general site (486 words).

The total number of words written in November was 27,111, down a bit from October, although my main computer first breaking and then spending several days being upgraded didn't help with this.

Pen and NotebookCredit: MoreguefileWriting Related Earnings for November

AdSense income was £12.28, up substantially from October. The majority of this was from the electronics site but there was also income from the science fiction site and the clothing site. AdSense income as a whole was up but YouTube income was down.

InfoBarrel finally added the competition earnings for September and October, and updated the earnings for those months as well, but the earnings are still far lower than they should be, Tier 1 and Tier 2 earnings for November were $21.26, which is really quite pitiful. Earnings have not looked right in months. As to why they look pitiful, in November 2016 there were 17,052 views for the $21.26; in November 2015 there were 4,006 views earning $21.09. That is a staggering drop in income; going by last year's numbers earnings would have been expected to be $80+. Even with November's contest winnings of $25, they are still below what they were earlier in the year. Despite the beta test of IB4, admin is still showing very little interest in the site.


Dollar SignCredit: MoreguefileAmazon US had 48 shipped items and earned $91.98, with all the income coming from the electronics site, reaching the 6.5% referral rate for the first time in a while which did make a difference, even with many of the more expensive items capped at 4%. This was up a lot from last month, although down from November last year. Many items had not been dispatched at the end of the month - not unusual, for the Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend and there is a good chance that at least some of those orders will be cancelled due to buyer's remorse.

Amazon UK had eleven items dispatched earning £16.23, all from the electronics site, slightly lower than October although up a bit from the same month last year.


I published the four new role playing game supplements mentioned earlier on RPGNow in November. There were 315 sales across 77 supplements earning $220.15 after RPGNow's cut, down a lot from October but the third best month to date. Some of the revenue came from the tail end of the Halloween sale; however, the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale had been changed so that none of my supplements qualified to be in it and, although I ran my own sale instead, these simply don't do as well as the site's own sales.

None of the supplements released are of the type I consider the best, but one was a step up from normal and did pretty well; better than expected in fact. There was a big sale of 37 supplements, although this was mostly the cheaper ones. Another two supplements reached the Copper sales level on DriveThruRPG, one of them after just under five months, currently the quickest that any of my supplements have reached a best seller rank.

Once again, only a minor bit of progress made towards completing a Kindle ebook and no new income earned.

Niche Sites

As well as the five articles mentioned earlier I also published fourteen posts on the electronics site. The site accounted for all the Amazon income during the month and the majority of the AdSense revenue.

On the clothing site, as well as the article mentioned earlier I also published a placeholder page which will later be fleshed out but currently is simply there to help hold the site together. The site also earned a bit of AdSense revenue.

I published the four articles mentioned earlier on the science fiction site as well as another 16 posts, some of which are placeholder posts for completing later. Given that this is lower than last month - and I know more was published this month than I did last - I think I made an error for October's report and counted draft posts as published by accident. Still, it evens out in the long run. The site also earned some AdSense revenue, only a small amount compared to the electronics site though. Having it starting to earn money is a good sign however.

I published seven posts and four pages on the RPG site and the site didn't generate any sales or affiliate revenue for the month.

Nothing new to report on the writing site this month.


I published 40 posts on myLot and earned $1.70, slightly down from the previous month. I may have published more posts this month, but income isn't based on how much you publish, but how much other people interact with what you write, whether on your own posts or on those of others. So increasing your income requires interacting more with other people, something I'm not always good at.


I published 59 blogs and 24 microblogs on bitLanders this month. The money spent on gems to get content reviewed and promoted has resulted in an increase in the buzz score, and therefore in income, although the latter still isn't that impressive as yet. With only two items of rated content, more needs submitting before income starts increasing more noticeably.


The two articles mentioned earlier that I published here were originally intended for Daily Two Cents but, given that I'm not really earning anything from there despite the amount of content published on the site, I decided to use them to expand the amount of content on my own site instead. There were no earnings during the month.

Plans for December

I have my first Pathfinder Roleplaying Game supplement scheduled for release in December although not quite enough other RPG supplements prepped up to take me through to the end of the month, unless stock art packs are counted. I have an interim goal of trying to get to two releases a week, one written supplement and one stock art, so I'd rather not publish them in place of regular supplements any longer. As a spin-off from a project I'm working on, I should generate quite a few usable pieces of stock art; not up to the highest quality (the ones I myself buy), but decent enough.