During October I published 9 articles on InfoBarrel (9,147 words), 10 articles on the clothing niche site (4,254 words), 5 role playing game supplements (14,891 words) and a blog post (566 words).

The total number of words written in October was 27,207, up a bit from September. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel in October, Movie Review: The Last Witch Hunter and Movie Review: The Martian.

Writing Related Earnings for October

£2.58 was earned in October from AdSense on the electronics niche site, Daily Two Cents and clothing niche site, with the majority of the earnings coming from the electronics site, up a bit from last month. AdSense earnings as a whole were also up, as was YouTube income, the latter due to various videos for a yearly event that is held during October.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorgueFileInfoBarrel earnings were $18.27 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads, down from the previous month but it took me over the $50 payment threshold.

There may have been a sale through the RPGNow affiliate programme, earning $0.25 in commission, from InfoBarrel. Although it isn't stated where a sale comes from, it is most likely from InfoBarrel as it would be a bit of a coincidence as the item sold is an electronic version of one I reviewed, and linked to, on InfoBarrel, and whose review was read on InfoBarrel on the same day that the sale occurred (if I could use Google Analytics better, I might be able to find out from it). This is the first sale from an affiliate programme other than Amazon; admittedly, I don't really have much in the way of other programmes actually linked to.

52 new posts were published on Daily Two Cents and nothing new on WritEdge. Earnings for Daily Two Cents and WritEdge are now through my own AdSense account; this means that they are in pounds, not US$, but revenue is down, perhaps slightly over a half the previous month's income, with nothing earned from WritEdge.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileOne cent was earned on Expertscolumn again.

Once again, noting has been done on HubPages and, given how difficult it is to keep Hubs featured, frankly, it's probably not worth bothering trying to fix any of them, at least not for HubPages' use. At some point I may well start moving them to another site - probably one of mine - but there is still a lot of content that already needs sorting out. Earnings were pitiful, the lowest to date, with only a handful of Hubs now featured.


Seven items were sold on Amazon US, which took me into the 6% earnings bracket which did make a difference this month, earning $22.05 in total, the fourth best month to date. Six of the sales, and most of the income, was from the electronics niche site; one sale was from InfoBarrel. There was another order on Amazon US, and two on Amazon UK, but these were never shipped, so presumably they were cancelled.


Five new role playing game supplements were published on RPGNow and earnings were $82.21 from 121 sales across 33 supplements (not quite a sale for every single supplement). This was more than double the previous month's and by far the best month to date, just under $15 more than the previous best.

This was achieved in a number of ways. There was one reasonably sizeable individual sale and a few smaller ones and some sales, at a discount, due to RPGNow's Halloween sale at the end of the month, but the biggest single influence was down to one supplement that was released. This is the second of what I consider to be the best quality supplements, and by itself it came close to achieving last month's total earnings. In terms of income, it's now the second best earning supplement, after the other good quality one.

Better supplements, which I also price higher, do sell better, and certainly it would improve results if I could release one of these every weeks, instead of every few months. Unfortunately, better supplements are harder to actually do - this should improve with practice, as, from reading interviews with freelancers, those who are skilled certainly seem to push things through faster. Although they probably aren't working on as many different things at the same time, and have others doing a lot of the work I do myself.

No new progress or sales were made related to Kindle ebooks.

Niche Sites

Eleven new posts, including the ten articles mentioned earlier, were published on the clothing niche site and it also saw its first, small, revenue earned, in the form of AdSense income. Most of the written articles are now published, so I need to do some work on writing some more, including adapting some former Bubblews articles, although I haven't decided, as yet, whether to published them as posts or pages.

On the electronics site there were no new posts, but it accounted for the majority of the earnings from both Amazon and AdSense.

On the role playing game site there were six pages and eight posts published. No new earnings to report either, but this is still as expected. Some search engine traffic is being gained, but this looks like it's not from people looking for what the site is promoting.

Plans for November

I plan to redevelop one of my oldest sites, which I took down last year, and probably add at least some of the content from the various revenue sharing sites that have fallen by the wayside, including my lost Bubblews account. This will not be a niche site, but a more general one. The content will be rewritten to at least some degree before it is published, unless it is work that has already been written but not yet published. This will likely include content from the various sites that have fallen by the wayside - which is most of them now.

I currently have enough RPG supplements written to take me almost to the end of November, but more need writing or completing to maintain the current schedule of one supplement a week. I am also looking into starting publishing some Pathfinder compatible supplements, which will probably only be listed on the Paizo Publishing (the publisher of the Pathfinder Role Playing Game) site to start with, for a number of reasons.