In October I published 10 articles on the electronics site (4,888 words), 7 InfoBarrel articles (8,432 words), 5 role playing game supplements (41,061 words), 5 articles on the science fiction site (1,742 words), 1 article on bitLanders (887 words), 1 blog post (512 words) and 1 article on the clothing site (353 words). I also reposted 2 former Bubblews articles (1,180 words) on the clothing site.

The total number of words written in October was 30,174 words, down slightly from September.

Notebook and PenCredit: MorguefileWriting Related Earnings for October

AdSense income was £4.01, up substantially from the previous month. Once again, the majority of the income came from the electronics site but there were also earnings from the science fiction site and the clothing site. AdSense income as a whole, including YouTube revenue, was up quite a bit.

InfoBarrel Tier 1 earnings are currently at the still implausible level of $11.46. There still has been no update on the problems with Tier 1 earnings and, for the second month in a row, Tier 2 and competition earnings are completely missing. The site's owners really are not displaying any interest in running the site at all. Or even preserving it to sell.

Dollar SignCredit: Morguefile


Amazon US had 6 items dispatched, two of which were actually purchased in September, earning $10.78, with all the revenue coming from the electronics site. This was quite a poor month compared to recent ones (the worst since August last year in fact), and was actually down compared to the same month last year, the first time that has been true in quite some time. I also didn't reach the 6% referral rate for the first time in months.

Amazon UK had 7 items dispatched earning £16.76, all from the electronics site. This was the first month ever that Amazon UK earnings were higher than Amazon US's. For some reason, the clicks on Amazon US just weren't converting that well this month.


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I published the five new role playing game supplements mentioned earlier on RPGNow in October. There were 455 sales across 69 supplements earning $424.82 after RPGNow's cut, more than double September's income and by far the highest to date.

One of the supplements released was another Pay What You Want supplement, which did surprisingly well, with many of those who actually paid for it paying $2 - quite a bit more than the guide price of $0.50 I originally had listed. Of the others, three were good quality supplements, including one that is, slightly, the longest and is also the most expensive released to date (which took just under a year to complete; creativity is often pretty difficult - if I could I'd be publishing supplements like these every couple of weeks). This supplement, by itself, made more money than my entire portfolio in all but five months, one of which was this month.

The three good quality supplements made a difference and the other significant cause of the increase was the Halloween Sale. On one of the OneBookShelf sites, DriveThruRPG, two of my supplements went from the Copper to the Silver sales level and on another, RPGNow itself, I got my first Copper medal (for the supplement that was the first to go Silver on DriveThruRPG). All in all, a very good month.

Kindle, well still nothing to really report here, certainly no new income, although I made some slight progress on an ebook.

Niche Sites

As well as the ten articles mentioned earlier I also published 12 posts on the electronics site (these mare much shorter than the articles, most well under 200 words, but they do help knit the site together). Once again, this site accounted for the majority of the AdSense income and all of the Amazon income.

I published six posts and five pages on the RPG site, and the site definitely generated 5 sales (making approximately $2.30 plus RPGNow affiliate earnings of around $0.16); unfortunately I misused the tracking code I use for my website (again) in a very popular email that resulted in quite a few sales, which made things a bit harder to accurately measure. The largest number of sales that I personally generate still comes from my new product and sale emails, but the majority come from other sources.

I published the three articles mentioned earlier on the clothing site, and the site earned some AdSense revenue.

As well as the five articles mentioned earlier I also published thirty-three posts on the science fiction site, a few of which were either very short or placeholders and the site also earned some AdSense income.

No new progress on or income from the writing site this month.


I published 35 posts on myLot and earned $1.79 as a result, down a bit from the previous month. As before, I haven't really been as active but as I mentioned last month this is the sort of site where it doesn't really pay to spend prime working time on it. It's the sort of site where I spend a few minutes between doing other things.


I published 61 blogs and 29 microblogs on bitLanders during the month, one of the blogs being the article mentioned earlier. I did spend some money ($2.10) on buying some of the "gems" on bitLanders; gems are needed to get work reviewed or promoted, and I had a fairly decent review on a gallery (non-writing work, but done during the month) and I wanted to get it promoted both to raise its visibility and to get some "buzz" from other members which can then increase your overall income (possibly permanently) by increasing your earning rate by increasing your base buzz. Base buzz does seem to vary a bit, but it is now higher than it was.


Nothing was published on the general site this month (although I do still have content that needs publishing or tweaking to publish) and no earnings to report during the month either.

Plans for November

I have another article I want to publish on bitLanders. So far, my best review for anything is 4/5 stars and getting 5/5 makes a difference. I think you get back all the gems (10) used to get it reviewed, plus free promotion. So I would like to ensure this article gets a 5/5 review.

I have enough role playing game supplements complete to take me through to December at least, possibly beyond, and my first Pathfinder supplement is almost ready to go, but probably won't be released until December at the earliest.

I've been saying this for some time, but the Kindle ebook I'm currently working on is getting rather urgent, so I really must get this completed before the end of the year.

I didn't publish anything on the general site this month, so I need to get some articles, whether new or republished, published on it in November. I have also almost completed republishing former Bubblews articles on the clothing site, so I will have start the process of moving articles that had already been published before I started reorganising the site so that they fit into the new structure, as well as flesh out some of the placeholder posts.

I'm also losing all faith in InfoBarrel as a site. I will probably start developing my general site more to post articles that would normally be posted here, or already are, when and if the site goes down.