During September I published 32 articles on InfoBarrel (33,925 words), 1 Hub on HubPages (872 words), 3 articles on Bubblews (1266 words), 2 outsourced articles purchased from Zerys (1,876 words), 1 blog post (509 words) and a role-playing game supplement (1,701 words).

The total number of words written in September was 19,436, down from August. This month I decided to measure everything written, including posts of less than 325 words on such sites as Bubblews and Daily Two Cents, something I don't normally do. The total amount of words written that wasn't counted earlier came to 27,282 which is a fairly significant amount, especially as there were a number of days when little was accomplished, due to a holiday - which also affected the normal writing. Two articles were featured on InfoBarrel in September, Movie Review: A Walk Among the Tombstones and Two 1920s Costume Ideas - The Flapper and the Gangster.

NotebookCredit: MorgueFileWriting Related Earnings for September

AdSense earnings were £1.08 from Seekyt, HubPages and Wizzley, up from the previous month. AdSense earnings as a whole were also up, both regular and YouTube, but I'm expecting a decline soon as I shut down a site that is no longer performing, so income will be down but profits will be up.

InfoBarrel earnings were $14.60 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads, down from the previous month, plus $50 for placing second in the monthly contest, and I also made an Amazon sale. The competition placing mostly resulted from another article batch that is again already ranking well in the search engines, being on the first and second pages already for the primary search term, and being more relevant than those ahead of it. Unfortunately, I don't think the quantity of searchers for this batch is going to be anywhere near as high.

Daily Two Cents had thirty new short posts published during the month, and apparently earned $15.60, way up from the previous month. This amount is not actually correct, though, as it's a total to date rather than earnings for just September. I'm not sure what the actual amount is; probably around $10 or so.

Writedge had nothing new published, but earned $0.46, up from the previous month.

No change on Zujava, and I've had too much to do otherwise to do anything about removing the leaves and posting them elsewhere.

Expertscolumn didn't earn anything in September.

I still don't know how RedGage is performing.

Amazon earnings were $4.97 from sales on HubPages, Squidoo and InfoBarrel. The InfoBarrel sale actually came (I assume, given that it's an exact match) from a particular product in an Amazon capsule; I think that's the first time that's happened on InfoBarrel.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFileSquidoo

This was the month that Squidoo shut down, but I still got some earnings from it, as well as a payment. By the looks of it, I made $10.05 during whichever was the last payment period covered for this payment, which came to $21.18. I also still managed to make an Amazon sale during the month, and I know this was from Squidoo, rather than after the lenses were transferred to HubPages, due to the time the sale was made. As the transferred lenses haven't been updated - a slow process - many of them still have Amazon links with Squidoo's code in. Still, from now on, any Amazon sales will be made from the HubPages Hubs.


The total money earned from the HubPags Ad Programme during the month was $3.63, substantially higher than last month, and the highest to date. Part of this, however, was because there are now earnings from two accounts; my original HubPages account and the transferred one from Squidoo.

The earnings broke down as follows: $2.16 from 80 Hubs and $1.47 from the 45 currently published lenses transferred from Squidoo. The lenses transferred from Squidoo are actually doing better from a traffic point of view, resulting in higher earnings. It's a shame that it's split between two accounts, as I now need each account to reach the threshold; I can't combine them.

Tidying up all the transferred lenses is going to take some time. I doubt it will be finished before the end of November at the earliest (unless I have to speed things up to comply with HubPages's policies).


The total received from Bubblews in cleared and pending payments in September was $193.62, slightly down from August. Two payments did go missing from Bubblews during the month (and one, so far, arrived later than expected); however, the two I reported were paid in a lump sum early in October, which is the first time so far I've actually got any missing redemptions back. The increase in fees again made a difference.

During September I published 152 new articles, including the three longer ones mentioned earlier. The 82 measured posts earned only $3.15, an average of just under $0.04 per article, substantially down and with many not earning anything. There was $2.72 earned from the three new posts published. The 31 keyword researched posts earned only $0.59, or just under $0.02 per article, substantially down.

The search engine rankings, as measured by Long Tail Pro, of what were originally the longer posts have all dropped quite a bit, with many falling out of the top 500 completely. This is quite likely due to the fact that, after the Bubblews upgrade and changes to how images are handled, many of these posts lost a lot of their content - up to 90% by the looks of it - and there is no means of restoring that content currently. This has had a definite negative effect on their residual earning ability.


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There were no new Kindle ebooks published, but I did make a couple of sales, making £0.26 and €0.52 from them. I did manage to get the first role-playing game supplement published, which also had a number of sales totalling $6.11. It's probable that the first month will be the best month, as that is the time that it gets automatic front page exposure, and I've improved the description a few times since, which will hopefully help for future releases. Barring any on-site promotion, there could be sales boosts when new, related products are released, and if it's released in a bundle, and should it get enough sales to start showing in the "also bought" sections on other products.

Plans for October

I am still working on getting the third current Kindle ebook published in October. I would also like to get some more RPG supplements published, but that's dependent on other people. There are also all the former Squidoo lenses to fix, and I'm going to be redeveloping a site somewhat.