During September I published 8 articles on InfoBarrel (7,920 words), 5 articles on the electronics niche site (2,384 words), 4 role playing game supplements (5,269 words), 2 articles on the clothing niche site (669 words) and 1 blog post (545 words).

The total number of words written in September was 25,022, substantially down from August, but I was away for about a week in total during the month, so a good figure. One article was featured on InfoBarrel in September, Movie Review: Maze Runner: The Scorch Trials.

Writing Related Earnings for September

NotebookCredit: MorgueFile£2.34 was earned from AdSense in September from the electronics site, up from the previous month. Mostly as a result of this, AdSense revenue as a whole was up, and YouTube earnings increased slightly too, largely due to a number of videos related to a seasonal event becoming popular as the event draws near.

HubPages, TopicSpotter and Wizzley are not complying with AdSense's new cookie rules (nor is InfoBarrel for that matter) and Wizzley have stated they will only comply when forced to. Consequently, I've currently disabled my AdSense impressions on those three sites. They may be willing to risk losing their AdSense accounts; I'm not going to let them risk mine. This will undoubtedly lead to lower income, at least in the short term.

InfoBarrel earnings were $20.97 from Tier 1 and Tier 2 ads, down slightly from the previous month.

Dollar SignCredit: MorgueFile43 posts were published on Daily Two Cents and $0.53 was earned. Both views and income were down quite a bit and, at the end of the month, the site switched to ad sharing, so future earnings will be from my own AdSense account (the site is complying with the new rules). There was also a small Amazon sale.

Nothing new was published on WritEdge and $0.01 was earned. Like Daily Two Cents, this site has also switched to ad sharing.

Nothing has still been done with HubPages and revenue continues to be poor, has decreased slightly, and cannot be disclosed.


$12.60 was earned from Amazon and $0.27 from Amazon UK (the latter has been converted to US$ from pounds Sterling), primarily from the electronics niche site but also, as mentioned, with some minor earnings from Daily Two Cents. It's coming up to the best time of the year for Amazon income, so I'm hoping to start seeing a rise in income.


Four new role playing game supplements were published on RPGNow in September. 76 sales across 25 supplements were made, netting $38.07 after RPGNow's cut, substantially down from August. I had been expecting to see a drop in sales for some months, and it finally happened.

One of the supplements released was set at the "Pay What You Want" price. This is what it sounds like; purchasers can choose how much they want to pay. Which means they can pay nothing if they choose. You can put a suggested amount (in this case $0.50), and if they like it, customers can come back and buy it again, paying for it the second time, at whatever amount they feel it's worth (they don't have to pay the suggested amount). Or simply pay for it the first time, or keep it for free. Some did pay for it.

Although this is one of the better laid-out and presented supplements, it is also by far the shortest, at only slightly more than 300 words, so I decided to release it as PWYW as an experiment. At the very least, it should increase visibility, and the email list, so it may pay off in the long term.

It's quickly become my most popular supplement, selling more than double any of the others in the first month, albeit most of the sales are for nothing. This doesn't mean I have lost that many paid sales, as many customers will get free, or PWYW, supplements simply because they are free (I've done it myself), so they probably wouldn't have been a paid customer in the first place. I could have simply released it for free, but I thought I'd give people the option of paying something - which did generate a few paid sales.

For Kindle, there were no new books published, nor any sales, and $0.11 was earned from Kindle Select for pages read in August.

Niche Sites

On the clothing site, only two new articles were published during September, and nothing was earned. Search engine traffic seems to be slowly rising, but this still isn't converting into actual income yet, although it's still early days. Two new article is quite poor, and at the end of the month I realised just how little had been done on this site. More certainly could have been, because I have a fair few articles written but not published, so I will make sure to publish more content in October. It's important to remember that writing alone doesn't accomplish anything; the work also needs publishing before any money can be expected to be made from it. Published work has an infinitely greater chance of making money than unpublished.

On the electronics niche site, there were twelve new posts and five articles published. Earnings were generated from both Amazon and AdSense.

The role playing game site saw four pages and four posts published. There was no income generated by the site, which is still pretty much as expected. I am continuing to develop articles that will hopefully draw visitors to the site, which may result in sales and affiliate revenue.

Plans for October

In October, I'm mostly going to be disposing of old sites that are not worth keeping up any longer, so time will be spent on that in order to reduce expenses, rather than developing anything new. Some of the domains are quite well aged (over 12 years in one case), so I would like to sell them if at all possible, rather than simply letting them lapse. However, if they can't be sold, I won't be renewing them again. I may try to see if I can sell them all as a bundle, rather than individually.

Other than that, I will be continuing with the creation of role playing game supplements. I still have an awful lot in progress, and yet more ideas, but finishing them off isn't always that easy, certainly not for the better quality ones, which require more creativity to write them.