The My Writing Spot app for Android works great for writing articles on the go using my new LG Ally phone from Verizon. I now use this app when I want to work on articles for InfoBarrel but don't have my laptop with me or I simply have a few minutes here and there.

I can write full articles and then I save my article as a draft in my Gmail. I can then open up the article later using my laptop, and then I spell check and grammar check the article.

I can actually publish an article on InfoBarrel using my LG Ally cell phone, but I prefer to edit and spell check my article before I go live with it.

The My Writing Spot Droid app also tracks the number of words you write so you can easily track your progress. I try and carry my laptop with me at all times, but it is so much easier to simply whip out my phone to write an article while riding in the car or sitting on a bench at the mall while my friends are shopping.

If I have a sudden idea for an article I can begin writing it immediately and not have to worry about losing my idea. The My Writing Spot Droid App combined with my LG Ally phone makes it very easy to write articles while on the go. I also will write articles while in the bathroom.

The My Writing Spot Droid app is also a great way to write article titles while on the go. If you think of a great article idea you can write it down on your phone. For people that write articles for money this is one of the best Droid apps you can get to improve your efficiency while out and about an increase your monthly earnings.

If you own a smart phone that is easy to type on such as the LG Ally then you can write articles, notes, and topic ideas whenever you have some extra spare time. If you write articles for websites such as Info Barrel then I highly recommend getting the My Writing Spot App if you have an Android based phone.