Zurker: The Basics

In order to justify my Zurker vision, I first need to explain the  basics.

  1. Zurker is a social media platform. It has many of the features similar to Facebook and Twitter but it has its own unique style.
  2. The Alpha version was launched towards the end of 2011 and the beta version followed in early 2012.
  3. Zurker already has the majority of functions that you would expect but is missing others, such as a search facility.
  4. Zurker will remain in beta while extra functions and features are added and its robustness has been proven.
  5. Until recently there had been a slow and steady increase in membership numbers. However in the last week, (up to and including) April 30th, there has been a significant increase, from 23,812 to 44,020 members. Most of this increase was due to Zurker starting to go viral in India (see graph below).
  6. Zurker is divided into the following regions, USA, UK, India, Philippines, New Zealand, Canada, Australia, Europe, Worldwide. Members from different Zurker regions can still connect and interact as normal. However, the different regions have been set up so that when a region starts to grow it can retain some independence and take advantage of opportunities unique to that region.
  7. Zurker is owned by its members and not by big business.
  8. Zurker is open and transparent. You can see every penny of revenue and spend, membership statistics and there is open bug-reporting.
  9. Zurker is democratic. How Zurker is developed will be determined by its members who will vote on the best ideas.
  10. You are in total and straightforward control of your data and privacy. There are no adverts and it's easy to report spam. Members that spam are given one warning and then banned.

Recent Explosion in Zurker Members

The membership graph shows the recent increase

Zurker Members as at approx 13:00 hrs GMT 1st May 2012
Credit: Zurker.com

Zurker My Personal Vision

One Member's Opinion

Zurker is democratic so the views I express here carry no particular weight, I'm just one member. However, I believe that it's built on such sound principles that it will succeed and at some point will challenge Facebook's position. These are my top 10 aspirations for Zurker (in fact the first 3 are already in place):-

1. A social media platform where you can safely meet and interact with friends and family and make new friends across the world.

2.  Data and privacy is easily controlled and on your own terms.

3.  Advert free, no covert profiling with spam and trolling strictly controlled.

4. Challenging Facebook's dominance.

5. Over one billion members worldwide.

6. Zurker features and fucntions continually developed in line with members' ideas and votes.

7. Members to use their combined power, influence and buying power to fight for social justice and human rights across the world.

8. Members to use their influence to identify, expose and remedy corporate and political corruption.

9. To develop radical, opt-in advertising models (that do not conflict with 3, above) that use revenues for good rather than lining the pockets of a few billionaires.

10. To enable the spread of democracy and free speech everywhere.

That's my personal vision. I believe that where social media is freely available increased democracy and freedom is inevitable. Social media is far too important to be controlled and manipulated by a few businessmen for their own ends. In the internet age social media is democracy and should be "of the people, by the people and for the people"

Yes, I wish more or my friends would use Zurker instead of Facebook and Twitter and I would like more  features now. But given what Zurker can be, I believe time spent elsewhere is a waste.

This is my view after 3 months. It hasn't substantially changed since I first joined.