I started my journey on infobarrel 1 year and 5 months ago. I have 23 articles at the time I start writing this article, and  over 10k views.  How much money have I made? 

Not a whole lot as you can tell. However, to be fair that isn't a lot of articles for the time i have been here. That is because shortly after joining the site I set a goal of 10 articles with plans of setting and reaching higher goals upwards of 100s of articles. Then I, like so many other people on infobarrel or any blogging site did what most people do I quit. I stopped generating passive income.

I got busy with work and other stuff I didn't see a lot of results so I quit. I counted my losses, only the time it took to write a few articles.  I figured it was fun for a little while, and that I reached the level of success I was going to reach. All in all it was a fun ride, and I met some good people and enjoyed writing the articles.  However, the story didn't end just here. 

I am checking my old email account the one attached to my info barrel account, and low and behold infobarrel sent me an email.  Apparently, someone clicked on a referral link and signed up. I sat back in my chair and thought about those little articles. I remembered how I did enjoy writing them, and dreaming of the hopeful income they would bring. I then remembered how sad it was that I just stopped altogether. So I wanted to see just for fun if I had gotten any views. I login and look at my articles then my jaw literally drops. One of my articles didn't just have a couple hundred views it had thousands of views nearly 12k views. I couldn't believe it. I kept just laughing and thinking to myself how crazy that was. Then i checked my adsense and I had a couple of dollars in it. Even though it wasn't a lot it was like magic I made money without even trying. The articles I left out in the world to fend for themselves had came back with money for me. 8 little articles had brought back almost 3 dollars. Then I thought to myself wow if only i had stuck with it. Imagine how much passive income i would've made. So for now i have been writing 3 articles a day and building up my soldiers to give them a fighting chance.