I have been writing on Infobarrel now for the past three months. Since I joined the site, I have been trying to add at least one article per day. That sounds easy, but at the moment I have only written 65 articles.

I am not a fast writer by any means. If it is a topic I am interested in, I can write a 400 plus word article in around 15 minutes. If it is a topic that I am not familiar with or requires some research, sometimes it can take several hours!

Even though the interface is not so great, I enjoy writing articles here and I like the small community, even if there is not much way you can communicate with other members. A private messaging service and/or a forum would be great additions for the website.

So how much have I earned so far with Infobarrel?

Last month I made $15 and this month I have made $6.40, which is not much money, for the time I have spent here writing articles. Also, I use Infobarrel to get visitors and backlinks to my many other websites I run. Overall my Adsense earnings have been up the past couple of months, since I started spending more time writing articles here and on other article websites.

Other members have been earning around $1.50 an article per month, which I think is fairly decent revenue, especially if the articles continue to rank well in the search engines.

I know I would do better if I spent some time trying to promote my articles on either social media websites or other article writing websites.

Some advice from my experience with Infobarrel

For some articles, I do keyword research using Google's keyword analysis tool and I would definitely recommend it if you are interested in trying to get a lot of traffic to your articles.

I think attractive titles are important to get people interested in your article. Anything with "secret" in the title definitely draws more attention. It is important though to deliver on what you are promising with the title of the article.

I have seen some problems with including any funny characters in titles of articles and the way Google indexes them, so I would suggest just leaving off characters like "?" and "!" in the title.

Definitely add Google Analytics to your Infobarrel account, so you can get a good idea about what kind of articles get more traffic and where your traffic is coming from.

If you have come to Infobarrel so you can quit your day job, you might be a little disappointed. If you are using Infobarrel to promote your other websites and blogs and make a little bit of money in the process, I am sure you will be happy with the results from this website.

I have also started a blog about making money with Infobarrel if you are interested in reading more about my Infobarrel experience.