There is no doubt that Omron pedometers are the best in the market.

I have a few experience with other pedometers. Some pedometers are not even accurate in counting the steps. Some pedometers are accurate until it suffers a fall.

That is why I love Omron pedometers. One of my Omron pedometers, HJ 109 model, fell down a flight of stairs a couple of times. It is still in working condition. That is why I love this brand, even though it is not the cheapest of all, it is very durable and accurate.

I got my first pedometer from a company event. The Wellness team in the company came out with a 3-months campaign to get us to walk more.

The participants would get a pedometer free of charge, and the most hardworking participant would get a mysterious gift.

A few of us joined the first walking campaign. We made use of lunch hour to count in 2000 steps. We tried to walk more during the weekends.

We even volunteered for filing and dispatch duties in order to walk more during the office hour.

That showed our enthusiasm for the health campaign. Unfortunately none of us in the department managed to come close to the winner of the walking campaign.

The winner apparently was a national runner. A few of us joined the second walking campaign for the fun of it.

Some of my colleagues lost a few pounds after half a year of walking. Most of us managed to increase the average number of steps after the campaigns.

We were closer to the average of 15,000 steps after six months of walking. We used to clock in less than 10000 steps in the first month of walking.

I can say that the Omron pedometers played a part to motivate us to walk more.

The current bestseller in the Omron pedometers series is the HJ-112 pedometer. It is strange to think that HJ-113 does not sell as well as HJ-112 despite the lower price and the more functions.

I do not understand the mentality. The only noticeable difference between the two Omron pedometers is the shape. HJ-112 is more oval in shape.

If you are thinking of walking for weight loss, and do not want to spend much money on it, you do not need to sign up for a gym membership. It is cheaper to get a pedometer to track the number of steps you walk everyday.

Bear in mind that the recommended 10000 steps a day does not help in weight loss. That is the recommended minimum number of steps to maintain your health. You need to walk more than that to achieve the goal of weight loss.

It is better to aim for 20000 steps. Even if you cannot reach 20000 steps a day, you are likely to walk more than 10000 steps.

Omron pedometers can count up to 99999 steps. It is impossible for anyone to walk more than 99999 steps a day.

At the rate of 100 steps a minute for average walking speed, you can only walk 60000 steps with 10 hours of continuous walk. Even if you practice brisk walking, and can triple the speed of walking, you are not able to sustain the effort for a few hours.

My personal best is slightly over 35,000 steps a day. I have yet to achieve the goal of walking 40,000 steps.