Reiki and the fundamentals of likes attracting likes

The principles of Reiki

Since 2006, more and more people have been interested in understanding The Law of Attraction - thanks to the movie 'The Secret'

(The Law of Attraction essentially states that what you think you would reap and that its important to always think positive and be thankful for what you've got instead of focussing on what you lack)

You'd wonder then how does Reiki fall into this whole picture? 

I've been a Reiki healer and practitioner (at the 2nd level) since 2001 and can say it with conviction that the basis of Reiki healing lies within about the same principles in The Secret.

Reiki in Japanese means 'Universal Life Force Energy' and the closest comparison I can make would be the 'formless substance' that talked about in The Science of Getting Rich (Wallace D. Wattles repeatedly mentions that this formless substance is always working for you while you're doing what's necessary on your part to make your life better).


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 When I was first introduced to Reiki (and to my fortune my Master is none other than Nalin Nirula - the 4th Grandmaster directly in line from Dr. Mikao Usui), my life was in a rather precarious state - I had dealt with the risk of my parents splitting up plus constant bullying at school due to the way I looked back then - the experience was a bit too much to take and it certainly had an impact on my interpersonal skills and academics at crucial years of my life.

It is then I decided to swallow my 'spiritual arrogance' and meet my Grandmasters for the first time in 2001 and decided to quickly attune myself with Reiki's first 2 levels.

Over the course of the next 12 years (ie since 2001 until today), the results were absolutely astonishing.

My empowerment with Reiki along with following some basic principles of the Law of Attraction (ie. Think positive, be in the state of a 'Attitude of Gratitude' and give more so that you can receive more), my life changed 180 degrees.

I moved to another country and settled down - got a great job and car and my finances skyrocketed. My interpersonal skills improved four-fold and I now have a partner to die for and friends I consider my family.

All this happened because of just a subtle change in my attitude by the day and knowing that I was empowered to channel Reiki to better not only my life but also everyone else's connected to mine.


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