Very user friendly

Staff reply promptly to emails

Helpful admin team

Good community

Freedom of expression, but remember to be family friendly.

You can write as often as you like.

You will not be penalised for only writing occasionally.

Articles have a nice format


Earning potential only by affiliates which can be unpredictable

Full Review

I came to by way of a member of another site, where I write. I was told that the person in question had begun writing for another website, which she thought was going to be rather good. Always open for new challenges I thought I would follow her link and sign up.

I have to say that to date I have not been disappointed.

Starting to write for

As usual I did not read the guidelines on InfoBarrel but just dived in. It is possible to do this but, trust me, it will be much simpler if you first read a few of the helpful articles, which offer advice about getting started on InfoBarrel.

One of things that can be a pain when you first write for InfoBarrel, is that your work is not instantly live on the site. However, from the perspective of the InfoBarrel team I think that this is a sensible option. If I see mistakes in my work I do go back and edit but many others may not.

Of course, it would be wiser to write in software such as Word or Works first, and Copy and Paste across into InfoBarrel. This enables you to spell check your article first, check the word count and correct any errors. Sometimes it is simply a typo, not that you do not know how to spell the word.

I am currently waiting treatment for cataracts and my eyesight is dwindling. This does mean that when I check my articles I do not always see the errors at first glance. If any readers spot any big bloomers I would appreciate a comment, so that I can amend my work.

Becoming preapproved

As I like to write a lot I soon became a preapproved writer, which makes a huge difference. It means that you can see your work instantly online and make any edits necessary. It also means that readers can view your work immediately.

You will need to fulfil the criteria to become a preapproved writer. Consistently well written articles will help but you must have been a member of InfoBarrell for two weeks and also have written 10 articles. Your command of the English Language should be good and your articles must not be offensive, plagarised, overly promotional or full of links.

If you only write rarely becoming preapproved may take some time unless your articles are always stunning.

Getting Familiar with the site.

It was quite a few weeks before I began to explore InfoBarrel.

When I did, I found that I had members who had asked to be friends. waiting for approval. Please accept my apologies.

If you slect the OPEN NAV BAR at the right hand top of your page you will find certain options.

Here you can view articles of yours that may have been denied. and see the reason why,view your pending artices, access any drafts of articles you have written and view all your aticles that are live on the site. In the beginning I had articles denied or pending that I had no idea were still there. I kept posting the article thinking that it had been lost.

As I have already said it would be a far better option to investigate these options before you get started writing.

If you have friend waiting to be approved the link in the nav bar will be highlighted yellow for you to action.


As you advance on InfoBarrel you will unlock various achievements. If you click on Show All near the achievements you will see those available. You will be awarded points for friends, comments, articles, you have writtem, contests you win and new members that you have referred. These may not give you hard cash but they are good to have. They may also effect your page ranking on Google, but I am just guessing this.

Earning Money

Money is earned on InfoBarrel by becoming an affiliate. Most people opt for becoming an affiliate of Google Adsense. InfoBarrel also offers Chitika, which will be the green links seen in your articles. Select MYINFOBARREL from the top right of the page and then select manage my account.

Here you will be able to add your affilate numbers and see the link you can use to invite others to join InfoBarrel. Remember to select save changes when before leaving this page.

Freinds and Fans

If you meet people on the site that you want to become friends with, or fans of, either is easy to do. If you are a fan you will have an update, in your subscriptions, each time the person writes a new article.


Select CONTESTS from the toolbar to check what contest is currently running. It seems as if a new contest operates each month.

General Advice

InfoBarrel has changed the minimum length of articles, since it began. I would say that it will be as well to write at least 500 words, as the minmum count may change again.

As usual be patient as it takes to time to become established.

If you use facebook and twitter advertise your new work on those sites. Also include a link in any blog you write.

Above all have fun and do not let your online writing become a chore.

In Closing

I have only been a member on InfoBarrel for the last couple of months but already love this site. As yet my earings are a little unknown.

However the site is easy to get to grips with and is very user friendly.

Simply select FAQ from the top toolbar and all of your qeustions will be answered.

One thing that I really like about is the freedom members have when naming there article. As long as a title, you sugges,t is available you can write to it instantly. You do not have to wait whilst the title goes for submission. Product review sites such as take ages to approve titles and these days also does.

If you find that you are temporarily out of good ideas InfoBarrel even supplies a THINGS TO DO section. You can edit articles rejected, or select a title to write on. These will either be for an article or an overview for a page, such as GREECE. Read the guidelines to check the payment for writing an overview.

I view InfoBarrel as a fairly new concept, that I envisage will take off, in much the same way that other sites have. I wish the site, its staff and its members a Happy and Prosperous 2010 and look forward to participating fully on