The Roku private channel codes let the roku owner add additional channels to there roku that are not available by default.  Many of the most common channels are on the Roku streaming boxes by default, like Netflix and Amazon.  The private channels on the Roku allow other video publishers to make their video streams available via the Roku.  A company may offer videos for training employees via a roku private channel, making them only available to those that know the private channel code.

A lot of the Roku private channel codes that can be found on the Internet aren't really worth a whole lot.  Some of them may just be a developer messing around and making their beta channel available.  Others may just be a defunct channel that was never taken down.  While doing some testing of various Roku private channel codes I came across quite a few that didn't even work, or worked but didn't actually seem to stream anything.

As of January 2010 these private channels worked and seemed worth adding to the streaming library:

Channel Name Channel Code Description
CNN RBFA1 Videos from the CNN website
JUSTINTV JUSTINTV Lots of different sub channels available
NASA TV HIBMX Streams lots of feeds from NASA, including the Hubblecast HD
Nowhere TV H9DWC Includes feeds from lots of different sites, including what would be in the feed (I couldn't get the to work directly, but it did throught NowhereTV
 WOOT  BPPIM Don't miss the latest deal from Woot 

There are other private channels that may appeal to different people.  These are the ones that worked for me and seemed to have to most to offer.  I was also only looking at English speaking channels, there are many roku private channels in different languages.  I can see how these would be appealing as they allow ex-patriots to view different shows and news in their native language.

There is even a Roku private channel explicitly for US ex-patriots, with a private channel code of USTVNOW.  I could add this channel to my Roku, but could really test it out as it requires the user to be outside of the US, and it detected that my IP address was in the United States.  This may well be a very interesting channel for Americans living abroad.

If you are searching for Roku private channels codes you may well come across some codes for HGTV and Food network evening shows.  These are actually valid private channel codes and can be added to the Roku, but you go to watch them it simply says something to the effect 'This channel removed by broadcaster request.'

To add a roku private channel to your roku streaming device you need to log into your account that you created when you setup the Roku box.  On the main screen there is a link to 'Add a private channel' that allows you to enter the private channel code.  You will then get the page to enter the code followed by a confirmation page.  Once it's added to the Roku you can go into the channel store and back out to get it to appear as a Roku Channel.