Ladies and Gentlemen, Wine Lovers of San Francisco, the Bay Area, and Visitors, I would like to take this time and tell you of a fantastic little spot for the consumption of wine. Not only does this little gem have fantastic wines for selection at an unbelievable affordable price, but also its location could not be of a better kind.


Without further-a-do I present to you the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant.

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This is by far one of my favorite spots to spend a few hours during an afternoon. There are numerous reasons I find the Ferry Plaza Wine Merchant such a great Wine Bar.


For one it is located downtown San Francisco by the Embarcadero. After you’ve enjoyed your wine tasting afternoon you have easy access to great restaurants in the area. Public Transportation, such as Muni, or BART are only a few minutes away.

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The Wine Bar itself is located in side the Ferry Building, about halfway in the Plaza. As the name states the Wine Merchant, is a distributer and sells its wines at almost wholesale prices. The walls, which display the wines, are categorized by their region and country.

They always have a fantastic, and easily identified selection of wines under $20.


The best part though, is the bar area. You can either select your wine from their menu, or pick one from the store. And for a $5 corkage fee you can enjoy your choice of fermented grape juice in Riedel Wine Glasses. Nothing beats drinking a good wine in spectacular glassware.Riedel Glass WareCredit:


If you are lucky and come early enough, you can claim a table with a hallway view of the plaza. I find nothing better then to be out with friends, causally drink wine and be able to people watch.


Local San Francisco-nites, Visitors from the surrounding bay area, and tourists alike visit the Ferry Plaza. The Plaza has all kinds of trendy specialty stores, which sell cheeses, meats, and freshly baked breads. Restaurants over looking the bay serving Oysters and other foods can be found as well.


The staff is very accommodating. You can buy foods from these vendors and enjoy them at your table at the Wine Merchant Wine Bar. This is the perfect place to bring a first date, your significant other, or just reminiscing with friends.


The Embarcadero is usually blessed with great weather and fantastic views of the Bay. Next time you are visiting or have an afternoon with no plans and feel like sipping on wine - Check out the Ferry Plaza Wine Bar.