What is Bubblews?

Bubblews is a web community where users get paid for every View, Comment, Like/Dislike and social media share that their posts gather.

Ad revenue is split 50/50 between the author and the site owners. 

Why I Joined Bubblews

The reason was simple - to garner more traffic to my IB articles. With some hesitation, I joined and did a summary of my best IB articles, linking them to the posts.

What happened soon after really caught me by surprise. No, I did not get many 'Likes' at first. Rather, people started Connecting with me at a speed you couldn't believe (this is simply like 'Add Friend' on Facebook. Your Connections are your 'Friends'). Eventually, I learned that this was a technique to garner more Likes, Views and Comments to their own articles - as you are paid (I think) a cent for each of the above. 

I was amazed to get 'Likes' and Comments on my articles at a speed my IB articles could only dream of.

Bubblews Pros

1. Like on InfoBarrel, some users share their ways of getting more revenue online and post how much they earn on Bubblews, etc. Such helpful information makes this site very appealing.

2. The earnings are almost too good to be true!

My earnings in 7 days

my first experience with bubblewsCredit: screenshot

After a mere seven days, I was shocked to see I had $12.20 at Bubblews. This is more than my income from InfoBarrel in over two months. Also, I had a mere 25 articles, most of which are a summary of my IB articles with a link back to IB. 

3. It's a forgiving community whereby even mediocre posts garner Likes and attention.

4. The 400-character (not word) limit makes posting 10 articles a day (their limit) extremely easy to do.

Bubblews Cons

My biggest concern with this site is the lack of quality. They have a mere 400-character (not 400-word) limit and no editorial QC process before posts go live. I'm still trying to find out the reason behind this easy submission process.

Also, I find that people tend to treat it as some sort of a blog. If you had a bad day or were feeling something about nothing in particular, you could rant up a post and many likes/comments would pony up, depending on how many connections they are in your network.

I personally try not to like or comment on posts that don't particularly inspire me. After all, one gets that sneaky suspicion that people go around liking random posts just to improve their own visibility and get more revenue out of it.

Why Bubblews is So Addictive

For one simple reason - aside from the easy revenue, it's highly interactive.

After a while, the novelty of checking The Bank every five minutes or so wears out. Although you can literally see your pennies increasing by the minute, it's the community spirit that gets people going. It's nice waking up in the morning to see you had 10 new Connections during the night and that people liked/commented on your posts or responded to comments you made on their posts.

Serious article writers and trafficers could view this site as unprofessional, but the fact remains that many people there actually connect with each other by posting their feelings and personal experiences (much like a blog) and others come along, read their posts, Like them and offer comfort/advice. It's like getting paid to blog i.e. a win-win situation.

If I had to choose only one of the two sites to write on - InfoBarrel or Bubblews, I'd choose IB simply because of its professionalism. Having said that, I can't stop Bubbling. It's eating up all the free time I have to write on IB at the moment and hope I get my act together soon...