Quote about holidays

Life like a holidays

Life is the everlasting holidays. If you realize that, you will be having plenty of holidays. (M. Dietrich)

That is one inspiring truth; most people either don’t know or don’t want to know. The truth is, everything depends from us, like someone has said that we make our lives. Some think that life is hard, boring, dull and without any adventure. It can be true, if you start thinking about it that way. The reality we face is the reality we make in our minds. I can see that when being at work. Some people think that work is a burden you have to carry all your miserable life and no one will help you. Everyone around you is a either an enemy, or a redneck. No wonder you will find your life dull, hard and friendless. However, it can be joyful, interesting, relaxing and full of good friends around you – just like a holiday. Someone said that if you want to have a constant holiday, do something that you like – you won’t have to work anymore. I couldn’t agree with that more.

Quote about the past and the future

Looking back and forward

You can only understand life when you look back, though you have to live looking forward. (S. Kjerkegor)

I believe, we have to learn and study all our life and still be eager to know more when we are around eighty. One of the reasons people study history is to learn the past mistakes and try not to make them in the present and future. We learn from the past, from our experience. If we don’t have much experience, we still can learn from others’ mistakes and achievements. For those who hate studying history, I would recommend reading some funny life quotes written by the people who made history and survived hardships. Those witty and inspirational sayings will be worth reading just because they are like wisdom pearls of the personalities gone by. You cannot stick to the past, however; it’s something that’s gone and whoever ties himself to the past glorious days (when he was young and powerful) is pathetic to say the least. I don’t contemplate on my past mistakes or achievements much – they happened and that’s it. Life goes on right now and it matters what I do now, because it can also shape the future.

Quote about life gifts

Everything is a gift

When you don’t lay claims to your life, everything you get is a gift. (E.M. Remarque)

It depends on what is your attitude in life. Some are always complaining about not having a big luxurious house in a rich neighborhood, big, brand new Jaguar (four wheel drive), super fit, sexy, witty and clever wife (or husband), genius children and one million dollars in their bank account. They might be having more than enough on their table, new Volkswagen, big nice house in the suburb and still complain about their “poverty”. On the other hand, there are people who might have very little food, no car or even a bicycle, no house of their own and no job. And still, they might be happy with what they have and see every good thing coming their way as a gift. It’s up to you to decide how it will be, though I guess, people are happier, when they are getting small and big gifts everyday.

Quote about friendship

Your friends

There are three types of friends: the ones that love you, the ones that are indifferent to you and the ones that hate you. (N.G. de Chamfort)

I often realize that it’s not the number of your friends and acquaintances that matters. It’s the relationship, the real friend qualities that are the most important. I suggest forgetting about the ones that are indifferent or the ones that hate you. We all have enemies and some of them may be even very close people. Still, we need at least one good and reliable friend for a lifetime. If we can have that – we have, indeed, much. If you don’t have at least one devoted and honest friend – you better read some best friend quotes. I am sure after reading at least some thoughts you will be inspired not only to search for a friend, but to become one.