My second brother was the one who got us all on Facebook

For myself, I didn't see the exact advancement over plain old email. Frankly I liked the time lag associated with email. I'll open it when I open it. Facebook and MySpace on the other hand, operate in real time. Turn it on and people are available, all over the world. Some people who hooked up with me are in India, hoping to practice their English skills. Others are playing an online game like Farmville or Mafia Wars, and want my participation to win more points. Still others are long lost blasts from the past. High school, college, ex boyfriends or colleagues.

Things You Will Need

A sense of humor

is necessary when dealing with a site as clunky as Facebook. Imagine, if you will, a site that allows you to search either by school or job, but doesn't allow searches based on geographic location! I would love to know what happened to my first serious boyfriend, Tony Hodges, but since he shares that name with thousands of other Tony's I guess I'll have to wait until he finds me. "msmuffintop" being so much more of an unusual name.

A little computer savvy is important to - because if you don't turn every possible page to "private" there is a possibility that prospective employers will view your profile, or your personal pictures. I am constantly amazed by the number of people who post cute pictures of their young children on MySpace. As if bad people don't use the internet! Yikes. Do your kids a favor and let them be anonymous until they are of legal age.

Step 1

We graduated high school in a class of less than one hundred kids

Imagine my surprise when I found nearly all one hundred had friended my brother! He encouraged me to friend them all too. I ASSUMED (silly me) they had been Facebooking it for ever. Not so, the friending thing can expand in a matter of minutes from the time you sign up. The site is designed to search for people you attended school with, and for people who are friends of your friends. Most of the kids I re-connected with had been on Facebook only a few hours longer than me.

Step 2

Friending a friend

is interesting sometimes. It's how I kept tabs on my son when he was in high school. I got to read a lot of blather these kids sent back and forth:


and so on. Fascinating. On the off chance that you don't touch base with your kids or eat meals with them, friending your kid on line is a good way to make sure they aren't planning on meeting a total stranger at the mall.

Step 3

The Power of Twitter

Because everyone is interested in what you have to say, as soon as you say it, no matter what they are doing. Think of it like an invasive information snack. The junk food of cyberspace.

Step 4


Get onto a resume site, my brother chided me. It's the best way to business network. He recommended I get linked. Unlike the social networks you don't have to post a picture. You don't have to update on what you did with your dog. You don't have to cite your relationship status. But do employers really cull these sites? The jury is still out on that one. A lot of things seem like a good idea, like Print ads for help wanted have been almost entirely replaced by on-line work ads. Except statistics show very few people are hired from sites. About 3% of hires. Most people still, find jobs through who they know.

Andy Wharhol was famous in the '60s for predicting that in the future everyone would be famous for 15 minutes. Like we could take turns. Then it would be fair. The future is here, and we are it. MySpace has created a personal blog space for any one, computer literate or not. Twitter pushes the envelope even further. Privacy laws? Why bother, when most people put it all out of their own volition.

Tips & Warnings

If you like to get drunk and post funny pictures of yourself, make it all private before you go job hunting. Even if you have a job, you may want to censor topless or sexual photos. Despite our "Me Generation" mentality, not everyone wants to know.