Probably, partially due to my age, I am considering a very different wedding the next time I fall in love with a wonderful man. After contemplating another union, I reflected back to the time of Adam and Eve in the garden of Eden and came up with some thoughts. When God created Adam and Eve, there was no government to issue marriage certificates. God granted them His blessing to go forward with their lives.

What exists now, is a society that is very heavily government controlled. A couple wanting to be accepted into our present society files for a marriage license and then pays a fee to have it recorded in the system. Quite often, even though it is not mandatory to divulge a marital status, one specifies the marital standing they hold, when applying for a job. Some landlords ask whether a person is married or not before renting to a man or woman as well. When applying for a loan for a home or property, the lender takes infomation from each of the parties, so adequate collateral will be met to secure a loan. There are several instances that a person is asked about their social interaction with another person.

With the increase of divorce being over 30% of married couples, how does the preparation of the above asked infomation give any merit to the solid outcome of an agreement between married partners? When a separation takes place, each of the separate people are responsible for whole or part of the mistake of that partnership agreed to at the union they comitted to. Most people know then, if that separation becomes a divorce situation, both lose a lot. Divorce is emotionally, physically, spiritually, and financially devastating. As the final degree is determined to dissolve that marriage, that document is also put in the systemm when the appropriate fee is submittted.

Many people have sex before marriage. They put their stamp of approval on that saying they are getting married anyway, so why not have intercourse. I would venture to say neither and certainly not both asked for any promise from each other, from their government and probably not God to condone their actions.

My idea is to ask God to bless my sincere intentions to be given His blessing for the rest of my life with the man I intend to be with forever. I will hope that my partner also asks for that blessing for the rest of his life with me too.