In the bad old days when I was an overweight, a 2 L bottle of Coke and a large frozen pizza was the typical dinner choice. I was happily maintaining my 4000 calorie diet without a care in the world and slowly tacking on 2 pounds a week.

 After trying a whole bunch of different diets and weight loss methods, I found that the fastest and easiest way for me to lose weight was to eat more salads.  Soon I noticed that eating salads had a very powerful cognitive benefit. It made me eat healthier and watch what I eat.

 I started to refer to all my meals as "salad" and it has made dieting easier.

 What started out as a salad, became an entire meal in one bowl with a payload of 500 cal. A simple plan was to have three bowls of  “salad” daily, adding up to  a daily intake of 1500 calories.  I  also drank close to 3 L of water a day.

 In order to make sure that I was getting the necessary nutrients to get me through the day, all my salads had the following nutritional breakdown:

  • Ratio of 30/40/30 of nutritional content of every salad. This means that 30% of calories in every salad were coming from protein, 40% from carbohydrates, and the remaining 30% from healthy fats.
  • I purposely made my salads fiber rich, and in some cases I’ve added extra fiber by adding ground flaxseed
  • beans, peas, kidney beans, buckwheat, brown rice, quinoa are all excellent sources of quality carbohydrates, plenty of fiber and some protein.
  • I always included some type of animal protein with my salad, preferably chicken breast or any type of fish except salmon.
  • Instead of white bread I used dark rye (or black rye) bread because of its excellent fiber content and because I believe is just to be a better product than white bread.

 In addition to regular three salad meals,  I was also allowed to eat any type of vegetable in any amounts and at any time of day. This really helped control the food cravings and kept my energy level steady.

Acting on advice from my physician, I gave up eating the following foods and products:


  • Potatoes, any milk of any kind including zero fat milk, all types of process sugar, all types of processed salt, white bread, donuts, fritters and anything else that looks good in a coffee shop fridge.
  • Stopped eating everything deep-fried including meatballs, deep-fried chicken.


I switched to olive oil from vegetable oil. I now use olive oil for stir frying vegetables and chicken breast for my salads and it has really improved the taste of the food.

 Overall I’ve lost 27 pounds six months by following the simple diet without the need of any kind of professional, paid weight loss advice or fitness trainers.

 For exercise, I opted for long walks around the town until my knees were strong enough for light jogs. Apparently, light exercise is preferred in a case of extreme obesity such as mine, because it prevents you from experiencing adrenal burnout.


This is not a complete diet by any measure. Use it to create a system that suits your body best. Please comment if you have any suggestions or improvements in mind.