The search for a great backlinking site.


I first came across Redgage several months ago while on a quest for more back links to my existing websites. After a few days I realized that it had far more to offer than just back links. Being able to upload links is very nice, I get a fair amount of traffic to my other web properties via these links. The platform also allows you to add blog posts (articles), Videos and photographs.

Learning the ropes.

For my links I sent out some tweets to get them indexed. Shortly after joining Redgage I read about a twitter scheduler called twaitter so I could send regularly scheduled tweets of my links. Soon after that I started adding some photographs. This started to drastically increase my number of page views on the site. Redgage pays users a certain amount per 1000 pageviews. This sounds like a lot of hits but, starts to add up really fast especially with regular tweets. Becoming more active in the community rating content and adding comments helps a lot also.

Show me the money!

Another thing I found really interesting about Redgage was each individual page shows what the page has earned. In addition to the per page earnings you can see what each and every user has earned to date on their profile page. I was astonished that people had earned $1000’s. In addition to earning based on views users can also get extra cash by being featured or by winning the daily contest.

I am actually writing this article on a day I won the $25 daily contest! You are automatically entered to win the daily contest by referring new people or adding certain types of content. Minimum payout is $25 and is done via a Redgage visa card they mail to you. Any subsequent withdrawals are added directly to your card so you only have to wait once.

A helpful and supportive community

The community there is very good. There are a number of blog posts by users explaining how to use the site and, get the most benefit from it. A word of caution like many quality sites they have ZERO tolerance for stolen content. The Redgage community does a very good job of policing the site to keep spammers and such away. So please make sure any content you upload there is yours exclusively and, is not posted elsewhere.

I believe Redgage compliments my other online projects very well and will also help boost traffic to my Infobarrel articles as it has my other sites. If you would like to try it out you can sign up here (this is a referral link ).