So how am I planning on making my first affiliate clickbank sale through my Infobarrel articles? Simple really... I created an article that pre-sells the product I am promoting through sharing real value with readers. At the end of that article, I have an affiliate link. Now, that's the easy part. The next part is not so simple.

The next step sounds simple but in reality it takes a whole lot of work. The next step is to drive traffic to that article that pre-sells the affiliate product. You need to drive tons and tons of traffic to that page and believe me that it's not as easy as it sounds. I stayed up all night last night trying to drive traffic to that article to hopefully make my first infobarrel affiliate sale but after hours of work work, I only attracted about a dozen of views to that article. What I am doing is obviously not working. Here's what I did: I set up accounts on a number of social bookmarking sites and just started creating social bookmarks for that article. Also, I did other little things that I cannot exactly remember but I was working without a plan and that's a big problem when it comes to affiliate marketing. You obviously need a plan. So, what's my adapted plan now?

I've decided to adapt to the reality of driving traffic to that article by choosing to test different traffic generation methods and seeing which ones actually will lead to sales. There are a thousand and one ways to skin a cat and in this case there are thousands of ways to drive traffic to an article but I'm looking for something appropriate and effective. I haven't found it just yet but I'm still working on it.

I've also tweeted my article to my hundreds of followers and I've always shared the article in a couple of article sharing facebook groups. All in all, I haven't found a lot of success yet. I also asked for feedback for my article in the hopes of giving the article more chances of being viewed and shared. Hey, the more eyeballs that land on that page, the faster I'll make my first sale, right?

One thing I did not work on at all for this article that I probably should have acted on from the get go is SEO. I didn't really target any specific keywords for this one article which is a huge disadvantage because of how powerful SEO really is... Next time around, I'll definitely include SEO into my promotion tactics.

Of course, I'm always open to new suggestions about profitable ways to promote that article. If you have had any success with any kind of article promotion tactic, please by all means share it with me in the comments section of this article. I'd really appreciate it. Any help would really go a long way. If you're already making clickbank affiliate sales on infobarrel, please share your secrets with us! I'm sure I'm not the only one who wants to learn how it's done.

Thanks for reading!

Signing off.