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My take on the movie "Argo"?

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I believe that as the U.S government prepares for war in Iran, they're trying to mentally prepare the masses so the war doesn't backfire in their faces. They need the support of the people in anything they do otherwise they will just look like the totalitarian bad guy.

The movie demonizes Iran and makes them look like the bad guy. Although at the end of the movie they state that this was supposedly based on a real event, it also says that everyone was released from Iran unharmed in the conclusion of said event.

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In the movie, they showed an American citizen hanging dead by his neck from a crane in Iran. They also included a lot of other subtle details that I probably didn't even notice that portrays Iran as evil. They're trying to put into our subconscious minds the idea that it is okay to attack Iran because they would hurt us.



They put in our heads the idea that we should defend ourselves when being attacked. Even Obama said tonight in the 3rd debate that you should defend yourself when you're being attacked. Mitt Romney said the biggest current threat to the U.S is a "nuclear Iran". The reason we're in Afghanistan is because our twin towers were attacked by *them*, so we are defending ourselves. Of course we should defend ourselves.

However, I find the timing between the release of this movie and the 4 Americans that were killed at the U.S Embassy quite peculiar. How long does it take to produce a movie? Years? And it comes out within weeks of this event. They seem to be eerily similar. I do not believe in coincidence.

There is an Iranian girl in the movie that helps the American citizens escape. At the end she evades her government and crosses the border into Afghanistan. For "some" reason she reminds me of the Pakistani girl who got shot in the head for wanting an education. She survived and is in a hospital, hopefully not living in fear. I wonder why the media shows us the things they do? Hmm.. Does anyone even REALLY know the history of Iran? Were you there?

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The end of the movie finishes on a positive happy note. There is joy and laughter so the average conscious mind would simply forget about the earlier parts of the movie and tuck them away in the back of the mind. People will go tell their friends how awesome Argo was and what a great ending it had.

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Although they did their best, they will fail. Unfortunately for them, people are evolving and growing at an exponential rate. I'm finding more and more people longing for peace and love every day. The population as a whole, at least the intelligent ones, know violence isn't the solution to our problems. Global nuclear warfare will not happen, so there is no need to fear anyone developing nuclear warfare.

But what do I know... Just posting my thoughts hoping to hear other people's opinions. Have a great day/night and take care.