Scuff marks or black stains on a wooden floor are usually the result of shoes or chairs, but don't fear there is a simple solution to remove the stain quiet easily and with out too much effort. You can use common house hold detergents to get rid of the stains but for some reason you don't have any available there are a range of other options you can try. Try using a rubber or pencil eraser, clean the end corner of the eraser by simply rubbing it onto a sheet of paper to clear any pencil led, lightly rub over the stain with the eraser and ad a little more pressure with each pass until the stain is completely gone. Simply sweep or vacuum the shavings off the floor but if you find that the stain is still there you can move on to the next option. Here's is one that you wouldn't think of, try using a tennis ball, using a utility knife cut a small X shape into the ball then insert the end of a broom handle into the tennis ball or you can use practically any wooden stick for this purpose. Once you have the tennis ball inserted at the end of the broom, rub the surface of the tennis ball over the stain as if you were sweeping or mopping until you have polished away the stain. If this stubborn stain still won't go away there is yet another option you could try, you may or may not have heard of this method before but give it a go any way you won't know until you try. OK, most house holds will have baking soda in the pantry if you do than get a old and used bowl ad two table spoons of baking soda into the bowl and a little warm water (not too much water) because you want it to form a white paste like appearance. Get a clean cloth or rag and dip it into the paste and begin rubbing it onto the scuff mark until the stain is gone than simply use another clean cloth to wipe away any access paste from the floor. If unfortunately the stain is still there then you may have only one option left, and I know you may not like it but if you care about the look of your wood floor and it's appearance then the only way to get rid of the stain is to call in the professionals. Tell them what caused the stain weather it be from a wood chair or furniture, shoe marks or boots, this will make their job much easier. It should not cost you much for them to take out the stain and they will have all the necessary gears to do it in no time, this is a last resort so first try all the methods above.