A Great Site for Both Blog Owners and Article Authors

MyblogguestCredit: javrsmith

The content sharing site, MyBlogGuest offers blog owners the chance to receive content free of charge. A large number of articles is available in a variety of categories. Site owners review available titles. They choose ones that seem fitting for the web site in question. This allows the owner to receive quality content. The author gets a publishing opportunity which typically includes a reference link to a site of the author's choice. All articles on the site are guaranteed to be unique on the Internet. It is a very good arrangement for both parties.

September 2012 Update: The site has just released a WordPress plugin that is excellent. This tool makes publishing much easier for owners who use the WordPress content management system. An in-depth review of this feature is available. Basically, it allows new posts to be generated and published within the dashboard. Full integration between your WordPress site and MyBlogGuest is enabled with the plug-in. It works very well as released and is sure to be improved in the future.

The MyBlogGuest, (abbreviated "MBG"), site maintains a ranking system for the blogs. This is expressed as the "Power" ranking. It is a measure which is related to the pagerank of the site but it is a feature of MBG site. This serves as a relative ranking that authors can review. Often authors will want their work featured on a sufficiently popular site. The power ranking makes the determination process easy for authors.

Site owners go to the gallery area of MBG. After reviewing the available titles, the person chooses and offers to publish the article. The author can review the request and accept, ignore or reject it. If an article is accepted, it becomes available for the publishing. The contents of the article are then shown to the person who reviews the actual content. If it is deemed acceptable, the article can be published. If not, the author can be requested to make changes or return the article to the author. Many articles have been found to require little, if any, editing for many purposes. The general quality of the articles is excellent.

While MBG articles can include images, they often do not. Those that do must provide royalty free images which are authorized for the article. Typically, the images are sourced from image libraries that are public domain or those that offer distribution rights. Regardless, the number of articles with images are fairly low on the site. Web content administrators would be well advised to check that the image provided is free to use, in any case.

In addition to the gallery, the site offers a forum area which is frequented by many publishers and authors. Publishers may post requests for article content. Authors can review the requests and respond to those requests which fit the author's criteria. While there are transactions accomplished through the forum, it seems to be less popular than the gallery.

MyBlogGuest hosts a messaging service which allows publishers and authors to communicate. This feature can be used to relay questions and responses between members without having to provide an email address. The message facility is also used to convey site messages. When an article is offered, the publisher receives confirmation of acceptance as a message.

Another feature of the site is the user ranking mechanism. With it, anyone can "like", or "dislike", any other member. An icon of "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" is clicked to convey the like/dislike. This allows other site visitors to see at a glance which members have received positive votes.

Blog administrators should check the contents of the MyBlogGuest site and start offering their own site as a publishing opportunity. Many sites have received a significant number of quality articles through the site. The authors receive publishing opportunities which they could not ordinarily find out about. It is a great win-win situation for both publishers and article publishers.

Nofollow Update

Google, and possibly other search engines, have changed how they view guest posting. They have arbitrarily decided that it is a practice that is suspect. Many sites were immediately penalized by the search engine for hosting guest articles. This has had a severe impact on the sharing site. As an adaptation, most content publishers now mark any links in articles with the "Nofollow" HTML directive. This indicates to the search engines that they should not review such links with their automated processes.

Many authors have expressed dismay at Google for the change in behavior. They also denounce the addition of the "Nofollow" setting. Guest posting is a time-honored tradition which began more than 100 years ago in the publishing business. In print, the practice was a good method for correspondents to gain a larger following by publishing in newspapers distributed to other cities. In fact, this method may have had a direct impact on the rise of national newspaper publishing.[1]