Authors Gain More Control

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, a great Ebook cover is worth a thousand sales. The importance of image cannot be overlooked. As a new Ebook author, you may be able to write a quality book but can you produce quality covers to match? MyeCoverMaker is an automated software solution that gives you a great tool so that you can generate outstanding covers to match the quality of your content. You are sure to notice the increase in your Ebook sales.

MyeCoverMaker puts control of the cover design into the hands of the author.

Cover Art History
For many years, the production of quality covers has been essential to the success of books. Despite the adage, "Never judge a book by its cover", people have done just that for years. While it may have applied to the most ancient titles, in the digital age, cover art is vital for the success of a publication. As such, it is imperative that authors address the issue by producing the best covers that they possibly can. This is especially true for Ebooks due to the display format used in most online book sale venues. Often, the cover art is first shown as a very small image. This obviously reduces the visual impact. Ebooks must be seen so the cover has to look great whether displayed full size or as a thumbnail.

Cover Designers
In the beginning of the Ebook publishing age, authors often relied on designers who were experienced in the traditional print world. There were few alternatives. Costs were high and distribution prospects were low due to the barriers to entry for new authors. Some authors could develop their own cover art but these were rare individuals, especially those with talent. At the very least, traditional covers were difficult to produce, expensive or both. With the advent of better technology, authors have begun to get more control of their work and their covers.

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Graphic Design
As computers shipped with better and better graphic technology, more people were entering the field of graphic design. Many of these people could produce images which were perfectly suited to book cover needs. As with most goods, prices became reasonable due to the number of choices available in the marketplace. Still, book covers, and ebook covers, have very specialized image needs. Certain graphic designers could produce good covers but others could not. Still others would not since they were busy with other more commercial projects. While costs generally lowered for authors, the difficulty often remained.

Self Produced Covers
With better computers, more authors attempted to produce their own images and complete book covers. This was done successfully by many in the self publishing business. Talent was necessary, ideally, but practically any author could produce a reasonable cover with available software. Difficulties arose with the power and flexibility of the available image generating software. Flexibility of these applications, while important, tended to make them very difficult to use for a simple task like a small book cover. Large commercial products such as Photoshop were expensive. Free tools, like "Paint", were barely capable of performing the image generation tasks. Clearly, a capable, but specialized graphic application was necessary.

MyeCoverMaker Custom Ebook Cover Generating Software
The application MyeCoverMaker provides the exact tool that authors today need to generate their own covers. This tool provides an easy to use experience for the author. A series of steps is provided which ensure that authors create their own great covers. The first step is the selection of the display format. The software is capable of building images which are well suited for Ebook covers, DVD cases, binders and more output formats. Any production item that needs graphic images, text and style can be created with MyeCoverMaker.

Online Environment for MyeCoverMaker
The MyeCoverMaker application is completely cloud based. This is a useful feature. Many such applications must be downloaded to the author's local computer. This places demands on system resources. It also requires that installation scripts are run initially and for subsequent updates. MyeCoverMaker, on the other hand, is run from the Internet cloud. The application is always up to date and it places no more load on the local system than any web page.

MyeCoverMaker Style Options
The original cover is first started by the author selecting a general background from a large list of available choices. These provide flare to the eventual design. When a background is chosen, the author can easily select a portion to be highlighted. Next, various text elements can be added to the cover. The author enters the words to display then chooses attributes such as font, color and special effects. All desired changes are displayed instantly on the screen. Graphic symbols can be added and many are provided by MyeCoverMaker. The author has the ability to add their own photo or graphic as well and have their element incorporated into the final cover design.

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Publishing MyeCoverMaker Covers
The MyeCoverMaker application allows users to design their own ebook covers easily with a free trial account. Any number of covers can be created. These are automatically saved on the Internet cloud but they can be downloaded to the local computer as well. Ebook covers generated by the free version have an embedded graphic watermark. To remove this, the author need only upgrade to the paid version. Only $4.95 will unlock a single cover. For $14.95, the author gains unlimited access to the application for a whole month. Covers created with the free version would also be unlocked. The premium option offers a significant discount, a whole year for $99. This represents excellent value for an ebook cover creating application.

Creating Sample Covers With MyeCoverMaker
With MyeCoverMaker in your author's set of tools, you will be able to generate quality images fast. The application will allow you to make several versions of your cover. You can then ask for design opinions. If changes are required, MyeCoverMaker allows easy updates to every aspect of the created cover. When your design is complete, you publish it with your ebook.