A comparison of the two get paid to post forums that are paying well and paying on time.


In mylot, you will only post in their forum which is also their website. In postloop, the postloop website acts as a portal to the forums that you can get paid to post to.


Mylot and postloop both offer paypal as the payment processor. Mylot's minimum cashout is $10 and postloop is $5. Waiting time for cashout  is faster in postloop which usually is less than 24 hours but in mylot, you will need to wait at the 15th of any month to get your cash or payment. In mylot and postloop there is no maximum cashout limit but because the payment time is your decision in postloop, you can only request a withdrawal once a day.

Earning rate

In mylot, the earning rate is less than  postloop but you can still reach the minimum cashout per payment time. In postloop, you can earn $5 per day by doing the site for at least 1-2 hours a day.

Referral system

In mylot the referral system is 25% per referral , no limit on referrals, and level 1 deep. Level 1 means that you will only earn the 25% with the people you refer directly and not people who was referred by your referrers(level 2). In postloop, they offer 10% on referrals, no limit on referrals and level 1 deep too.

Rating system

in mylot the rating system is shown as stars besides your name. 10 being the highest means you will have a higher earning rate per post but by how much is not shown.

In Postloop, the rating system is from 1.00-5.00 which 5 being the highest. You will earn higher if you have 5.00 per post. That rating system is explained in their faq page.

Posting limit

In mylot and postloop, there is no posting limit per day so if you wish to post all day then you can. 

Posting restrictions

In mylot there is no posting restrictions as long as you are not advertising your own URL for example your referral link, affiliate link or any link you will gain something by sharing it. The restrictions for harmful, racist remarks are a given and a restriction to almost every forum out there. Mature discussions are allowed but not explicit discussions. You can post any topics you want to discuss or reply to.

In postloop, the forums you will get to post to may restrict you in mentioning postloop, must create an equal number of posts and threads, allow you to make a thread in the welcome subforum, or disallow you to post in some subforum of their forums. Discussing any topics must be in the appropriate subforum and some forums don't allow some topics.


In mylot, making friends and getting to know people is easier because the people you talk to has the same username/nickname on every topic/thread/discussion they respond to or start. Getting information on new earning online opportunities or asking some questions for your personal problems is easier.

In Postloop, making friends maybe a little bit harder because people can change their username for every forum they post to. Some people will also not reply to a thread in a forum if there is no more cash to earn in that forum.

Both Mylot and postloop offer benefits so joining them are a no question.