.Lots of games to choose.
.A good variety of categories.
.Nice presentation.
.Useful navigation tools.
It's a free of charge videogames source.


.Although most of the games are really entertaining, there are others which are exactly the opposite.

Full Review

First of all, the website that I am reviewing,, dedicates its space in offering its visitors and video game fans a variety of entertaining, valuable games. As usual, the page is divided into sections, so if any person is looking for an arcade title it will be found easily. In the right side of the site's screen is shown a list of the top ten games; at the center can be seen a selection of games for each category. This is, there appears four videogames but there is a headline which says "More in the current category". Also, the main menu shows some buttons which are necessary to browse the page in a nice, comfortable way. In fact, Myplaycity is very kind and colorful, so the visitors, kids or adults who want to spend some time playing games, can be attracted and invited by the site. These type of pages are very popular nowadays: people like to have fun and recover from an exhausting day.

In Closing