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Myrtle Beach Bike Week Events

Myrtle Beach Motorcycle Rally 2012 Info

 For decades, Myrtle Beach Bike Week has been a tradition attended by all motorcycle enthusiasts alike.  They have been all welcomed year after year celebrating the fun in riding these two wheeled machines.

Since this tradition started in South Carolina, the Grand Strand has been a business district and the revenue it generates can be felt even outside the state.  Tourists will refuel here, eat at restaurants, pull over to some attractions, and find a place to sleep over.  This generates revenue for the city and the state making it an important event for locals here.  Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2012 is expected to draw in about 300,000 riders.

For 72 years the tradition has been the same, but organizers always put up a twist on these events to make them more exciting than they were before.  Patrons know what these events mean and they come back to continue what their predecessors did before them.

The Spring Rally has been celebrated for several decades and has been this way ever since.  The Murrells Inlet has been the destination of bikers during this time of the year.  The organizers are expecting more since the growing numbers of enthusiasts has included even riders from outside United States.  The Spring Rally, also referred to by many as “the ride”, is scheduled to start from May 11 – 20 of this year.

The Mother’s Day Ride is scheduled on the 13th of May. Since this special day always runs through the event, it has been included in the schedule of events to pay tribute to our mothers.  Women that are now into bikes are about 23% of the total population of riders.  On this day of Bike Week, families, husbands and friends celebrate together.  There will be souvenirs and Mother’s Day Ride shirts will be available to commemorate the ride.

Bike Week Bands will showcase live performances from bands like Steven L. Smith, Chris Lane, Davisson Brothers, Peacepipe, Southern Justice, Dan Plowden, Judas Priestess, All My Rowdy Friends, Hard Kandy, The Crockagators, and the Grip.  Organizers welcome bands to play at the event and a chance to promote their music in front of potentially hundreds of thousands of people.

Atlantic Beach Bike Festival; also known as the Black Bike Week, is part of the week long celebration that is scheduled every Memorial Day.  It occurs in the City of Atlantic Beach and around The Grand Strand area.  Activities and parties fill up the day’s schedule.  Pool parties, ladies, nightly entertainment, and contests are some of the attractions of this special day.

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