Myrtle Beach Bike Week Tips

Where to Stay and Where to Go

Bike Week has always been a fun gathering of motorcycle riders at the beach where they celebrate friendship and the passion of riding.  From a motorcycle rider’s perspective, the view is absolutely breathtaking.  While you cruise the city’s attractions, you’ll meet new friends and find new places that will make your Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2012 experience different from last year.

Though there are so many activities to do during the week, finding a place to stay is relatively important.  Motorcycle riders have so many establishments to choose from, but there are some places along the streets of the Grand Strand that provide more value than the others.  The perfect place will always depend on your preferences.  Below is a quick guide for your Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2012 adventure this coming season.  

Where to Stay

Beach Condos – The Grand Strand has been enjoyed by bikers for years.  Beach vacation rentals provide the freedom for somebody who wants to enjoy the week without any limitations.  Unlike hotels, condo units are less of a conservative approach.  You don’t have to worry about bringing newfound friends over or establishments closing at early hours.  Staying in a condo unit is just like your home where you can do anything at any hour.

Vacation condos provide a wide selection of locations to choose from.  Some are located near beaches where a biker can have access to activities when not riding.  Condo units may offer a garage which is essential for any biker.  This protects the bikes no matter what the weather conditions are.

Hotels – Like what was mentioned above, there are several limitations when checking in to a hotel.  This time of the year there are a lot of tourists also spending their vacation here but not all of them are attendees of rallies.  So going home late may provide some limitations.

Hotels can provide services to Bike Week attendees like, room service, laundry and house keeping.  Many tired attendees will find themselves too tired to do these chores so they prefer staying in a hotel.  There are so many hotels to choose from and most are in Grand Strand.

Where to Go

There are so many beautiful sights the town has to offer.  The best way to stroll is riding a bike.  Cruising up and down the coast is just amazing.  It doesn’t matter whether you are staying in a hotel or condo; you will still need to drop by the beaches.  With a bike to ride, you totally have access to any part of the city.

Head north and this route will take you towards Charleston.  This city will take you away from the noise of the city to a quiet traditional-historic atmosphere.  There are majestic plantation homes that you don’t get to see in cities.  There are shops, cafes, diners, culture and entertainment.  You can tour the city or you can just stroll around and feel the historic place’s distinctive ambience.

Head north out from the beach rentals and you’ll find yourself going to North Carolina.  The drive itself is already amazing because of the coastal view.  In time, you’ll reach Calabash which is prominent for offering good seafood dishes to tourists.

If you continue to drive northwards, you’ll find many resorts and historic landmarks along the way.  You’ll eventually reach Wilmington.  The city provides more historic places and you can enjoy the battleship that is stationed there.

Remember to strap on your half helmet head gear when in North Carolina because the state law mandates it.

Attending Myrtle Beach Bike Week 2012 is a must for all bike fanatics.  It’s all about sharing the passion and love for bikes.  Visiting all the places like the Grand Strand, beaches, bars and nightly entertainment is a must.

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