There are genuine mystery shopping sites that are honest and pay their shoppers handsomely. Mystery shopping has gotten a bad name in the past few years. Here is how you can really get paid with legitimate shopping companies. These are companies that have good track records and some are not so new to the industry.


Mystery shopping sitesCredit:; By Penywise

Market Force

 This is a great company to work for. If you prove to be a good mystery shopper, they will call you when other shoppers cancel their shops. This is a way to pick up extra work with added bonuses.  They have a very user friendly system. Their pay range is from $5.00-25.00 per shop with reimbursement sometimes too. These shops are self-assigned through their online system. Some may require a brief test and all shops have a basic questionnaire.  Reports and receipts are processed online. This is a highly recommended site as they are easy to work with. They also have a variety of shops ranging from fast food to higher paying restaurants. Besides mystery shops, they post audits of all kinds and have phone call shops.



This company is not for the beginner. They require a lot of narratives most of the time. Shop fees are $8.00- 20.00. There are some requirements to be accepted as a qualified shopper. You will have to write a sample essay on a shopping trip you did. They also have reimbursement shops where you shop and get a portion of the money back for an item or the entire amount back. Most shops you can self-assign through the online system. This is one of those mystery shopping companies that will rate you on your report 1-10. If you get a 1, you will probably never shop for them again. They do not want to have to correct your reports for their corporate clients. It is highly recommended that you have very good grammar skills to work for them or for any company.


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Beyond Hello

Here is a company that pays $10.00- 20.00 for your help in the mystery shopping world. They require a sample narrative when you sign up so they can see how well you write. Reports are required to be spell checked and proper grammar is a must. You will be rated on a scale from 1-10 and will lose points as well as jobs if you don’t double check your work and make sure it’s correct.



 This is a very reliable company to go with. They are very organized and make finding information on their website simple. They pay from $5.00- $18.00 depending on the shop. They give a shop fee and sometimes a reimbursement as well.


Second to None

Good paying jobs starting at $9.00 with reimbursements for purchases. These shops can be selected but are upon approval as well for final decision, so they are not self-assign. There may be some minor equipment to be purchase.