mystery shopping

Once you have mastered the mystery shopping business, you may want to try something new kinds of  shops. There are lots of extraordinary shops that involve entertainment. Here is a unique way to combine some fun with a little work and get paid to have fun.

Movie Theaters ~ Instead of paying for your movie ticket, why not try getting paid to watch the movie? Some companies will even pay you to eat popcorn and snacks. This is a great way to go to the movies for free and save money in a recession.

Amusement Parks~ one of the best ways to go to the amusement park is when you get paid to go. You may not get your entire family in for free but usually you can get 1 or 2 tickets as well as some refreshment money and maybe some souvenir money.

Restaurants~ you can really enjoy the meal more when you know you won't foot the bill. There are many mystery shops for moderate to very exquisite restaurants. Why not get paid to eat at a restaurant? Some shops may require that you spend time at the bar or you may have to order appetizers. There are lots of different types of restaurants and fast food type mystery shops.

Hotels~ It's such a luxury to get away even for a day or two. You can do this for free with many companies. This type of shop is not as easy as it sounds as you will have an extensive report to do.

Health clubs/ Spas~
Everyone likes to have some time for themselves. You can do this without paying for it. Spend some time at a local health club without joining, or spend a few hours at a spa. Being a mystery shopper can afford you the luxury without the cost. Enjoy yourself and enjoy getting paid to have fun! This shop usually is one visit.

Sports events – You may even find some sport events that are mystery shopped from time to time. These go very fast as lots of people like to do them.

Art museum/ Botanical Gardens- These are really fun mystery shops to do and may entail visited different parts of the place visited to be able to interact with different employees. Sometimes you are given admission as well as food and souvenir money.

Casinos- Even the casinos are included on the mystery shop listings. These shops are not real easy shops and you need to be really organized as there is a round of people you will need to interact with on this job.

Whatever type of fun you are looking for, you are bound to find some of what you are looking for in mystery shopping for free!




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