Lilith a beautiful Goddess who cursed

Not many Christians are aware of Lilith.  Even in missionary schools  nobody mentions about her . Now we know that she  is part of Jewish folklore and has a Biblical reference, Isaiah 34:14. This refers to Lilith as a demon of the desert.

Lilith is characterized as an enemy of new born children. Many confuse her with another demon Lamasthu, who is known as a child slayer. The ancients regarded her as a female version of incubus or a succubush

Who was Lilith?

Who really was Lilith? Post biblical literature regards that she was the first wife of Adam. The myth makes interesting reading in the present age. Early Biblical literature (Alphabet Ben Sir) mentions that between the 7th and 10th century when God created Adam he also created Lilith. It goes on to mention that she was a headstrong woman who refused to submit to Adam and to avoid this she left Adam. However realizing the gravity of the situation God brought her back with the help of 3 angels. The question that must arise in the mind of the reader is where Eve came in. God created Eve after Lilith left.

She was told by the angels in case she did not go back to Adam and submit to him her new born children would be devoured. The lady did come back to Adam after this threat but she cursed that all newborn male infants up to their 8th day and female newborn infants up to their 20th day would all die. This belief remained strong in Jewish European communities and women wore protective amulets or kept them near their beds. 

Last Word
Lilith and her legend is being resurrected now and Jewish feminist theorists are working to create a new image of her and trying to reinterpret her presence in respect of the popular story of Adam and Eve. Many would like  that Adams first wife to be rehabilitated in mythology and folklore.