The internet exploded across the world in the 1990’s and has changed the face of business. People used to make money by working for someone else or by owning their own business. A few people made money through investing or inventing, but most of us just went to work and earned our paycheck. Today anyone with access to a computer and the ability to learn can create their own business online with no money invested. This has created a gold rush to the internet and as a result, a lot of poor quality websites that don’t really help anyone – including the people who made them.

Making Money Online Isn't As Easy As You Think


Make Thousands of Dollars Today!

People can make a lot of money very quickly by gaming the system and getting a lot of traffic to their sites, but those methods don’t last and within a month or two they are right back to where they started.  These are the people who slap together information or products and just sell to as many people as possible. They are looking for quantity of sales, not quality of product. Since the internet can be very anonymous they feel that they won’t really get caught before they move onto the next item to sell leaving their customers behind.

Unfortunately many of these people are selling information to other people who want to make money online. This is giving the industry a bad name and making it harder for those of us who have a quality product to make sales. They will promise a lot of money in a very short period of time, but most of the time it doesn’t work. These products are often only one piece of the make money online puzzle and if you don’t already have the whole picture they won’t do you much good. I always recommend checking with before buying any product online. They are like an Angie’s List for online marketing and have saved me a lot of money because the product received a poor review.

It is important to understand that the easiest sales to make are resales. When a customer likes what they get they are far more likely to buy again from you. People can make a lot of money over a long period of time by building a business that fulfills customer needs. It takes longer, but not as long as it takes to make money by working for someone else.

Traffic VS. Sales

One of the biggest myths on the internet is that if you get a lot of traffic you will make a lot of money. That is not true at all. If 1000 people find your website on Google it doesn’t mean any of them will buy from you. If you have 100 people that find your site because they saw your comment in a forum and liked what you had to say you are far more likely to make sales. It isn’t the number of people but the number of conversions that counts. Commenting in forums, writing posts for blogs and even releasing a press release will get you targeted traffic that is far more likely to spend their money than just getting to the top of Google. The key is targeted traffic that is already looking for what you have to sell.

Passive Income Isn't Really passive

Many people make money online through passive income. That is they create a site where people can buy stuff or sign up for a membership or whatever all the time. You don’t need to be watching your site the way someone who owns a store has to open and close their store. However just putting up a website won’t get you an income. There is work involved in getting your site up and running, getting targeted traffic and growing the business. Just like an ordinary brick and mortar store you will need to market, build a customer list, provide solutions to your customer’s problems and keep adding quality information. One of the great things about the internet though is that a lot of what you need to do can be automated and outsourced. Once you are earning a comfortable income you can outsource almost everything your business needs to have done and truly have passive income. However it does take time to get to that point.

People make money online in a variety of ways. Some require more work than others. It is possible to make hundreds of thousands of dollars a year online but you need to have a plan and follow that plan.