Cleansing the colon is a popular practice that many people believe works towards the improvement of general colon health. The theory of a toxic colon has been around since the early Egyptians began their primitive medical practices. Their belief was that the undigested remnants of food that pass the intestine are responsible for building up a mucus-like, toxic substance in the colon which gradually enters the body circulation system and poisons the body.

The popular theory that rose out of this ancient belief is 'auto-intoxication', which states that waste products that accumulate over a period of time in the colon can poison the body. The putrefied content deposited in the colon not only extends toxic circulation for the body but also promotes a favorable environment for bad microorganisms to gain a foot hold in the body. Supposedly, an unhealthy colon will give way to the breeding of opportunistic viruses and fungi in the bowel region which then may lead to a virtual symphony of diseases and problems like cancer, weight gain, and skin conditions.

Some of the most common colon cleaning myths that can be found dominating the scene of colon cleansing programs are:

ü Potential detoxifying cleansers for the colon are capable of removing toxicants such as lead and mercury from the colon-the truth is that normal colon cleansing procedures are only capable of removing undigested food and some actually beneficial nutrients that the body needs which are absorbed by the colon.

ü Colon cleaning products not only improve your general colon health, but also help you shed the extra pounds. Some of the products being sold on the market not only eliminate waste material in the form of feces from the body but also the valuable minerals and vitamins. Although some people do experience and initial weight loss after a colon cleaning, it is only temporary, much like you might experience after a bowel movement. It's not a long term or sustainable weight loss method. There is still no substitute for diet and exercise.

ü Frequent colon cleansing is healthy. Actually the frequent use of laxatives, colonics or enemas not only can give rise to terrible abdominal cramps, and loose stools but it also can be a sign of psychological problems.

Although in most instances, colon cleaning is usually harmless, it is pays to be informed, so do your research and don't believe everything you read about colon cleaning. If you still have questions about colon cleaning, be sure to consult with your doctor who I'm sure will tell you it's not worth the effort.