Personal injury protection coverage is not required in California, but it might be a good idea to have it as part of your car accident insurance policy.

California only requires you to get liability coverage so that you can pay for the expenses of the victims in a car accident that you caused.

However, that does not cover your own expenses.

You will have to pay for your own medical expenses because the insurance company sure won't be paying for it.

That is unless you have personal injury protection or PIP.

To understand PIP more, here are some myths and facts that you need to know about it:

Personal Injury Protection only covers your medical expenses

Well that really depends upon the type of PIP coverage that you take.

Generally, there are two types of PIP, which are:

· Medical only PIP – These only covers expenses related to medical expenses such as doctor's fees and medical treatments

· Full PIP – Covers medical expenses, lost income and other types of damages incurred in the accident.

Personal Injury Protection provides Liability Coverage

This is not true. PIP only covers expenses related to your own injury and it does not include the medical expenses of the occupants in the other vehicle.

Liability coverage is separate from your PIP coverage.

However, your PIP may cover the medical expenses of your passengers.

Personal Injury Protection covers your expenses regardless of who is at fault

This is true. PIP is a no fault type of accident coverage so it does not matter if it was your fault or not, your insurance company will have no choice but to cover your medical expenses.

There is no need to establish liability to get the insurance company to cover your injuries from the accident.

This saves parties the trouble of having to sue to get coverage.

PIP may be found on insurance policies aside from car accident insurance

This is true. It might not be called PIP but there may be similar types of coverage that can be found on your other insurance policies such as homeowner's insurance or your health insurance.

Better check your existing insurance policies first to know if you still need to get PIP coverage for your car accident insurance policy.

By doing this, you can either scrap PIP coverage or just get the minimal amount, which you can use to supplement your existing insurance in case it is not sufficient to cover all expenses.

Even if it's a no-fault type of insurance coverage, it is still better to have a lawyer by your side when making a claim to avoid being taken advantaged of when it comes to payouts.