Information about the song Cold Shoulder by N-Dubz

No I will be telling you what the lyrics are for the song cold shoulder which is by N-Dubz. This song was first released on 14th march 2011 and you can also find this song on N Dubz new album which is called Love, Live, Life. The three members in N Dubz are Dino Contostavlos (also known as Dappy the main member in N Dubz), Tula Contostavlos (also known as Tulisa Dappy’s cousin) and finally but not least Richard Rawson (who is also known as Fazer who is Dappy’s and Tulisa’s school/ childhood friend). All three of these great singers were born in Camden Town which in North West London. Did you know that Dappy and Tulisa are both Greek? The genre for this song is Hip Hop, R&B and grime. This song was first recorded on 2010 and now it’s become a great hit. The labels for this song are all around the world, Def Jam and Island. The producers for this song are Dino Contostavlos (also known as Dappy), Richard Rawson (also known as FazN Dubz(59473)er), body Rox, Fuego, Isha Erskine, Jean Baptiste, Jim Jonsin, Junior Edwards, Krunk- A- Delic, Max Gousse, Mr Hudson, Parker and James, Salaam Remi, Skepta, Soundz, Staybent, Tyron TY$ Griffin, Josh Franceschi, Chad Gilbert and Mark Hoppus. Sadly Tulisa wasn’t a producer but she was a singer so basically that’s all that matters to her and some of her great fans. So if I were you I’d carry on reading to find out what the lyrics are for the song Cold Shoulder which is by N-Dubz (and I will be tell you some more fascinating information and facts about N Dubz) so I hope you enjoy.   

Information about N-dubz

Now you know some of the lyrics and if you know all of the lyrics which is even better, therefore, you can press play on the music video below this paragraph and start singing along to this song. Not only is Dappy a rapper but he is also a singer, song writer, producer and an N Dubz(59473)actor. Not only is Tulisa a singer but she is also an actress, model and a song writer. Not only is Fazer a rapper but he is also a DJ, actor, record producer, song writer and he can play the piano, drums and the keyboard. Dappy was born on 11th June 1987, Tulisa was born on July 13th 1988 and finally but not least Fazer was born on February 5th 1987. So as you can see that Fazer is the oldest then it’s Dappy and then finally Tulisa who is also the youngest member in the group. The types of labels N Dubz have been in are LRC, Island, Def Jam, Polydor and AATW. I hoep you have enjoyed reading this piece of brilliant information (which is including facts), I also hope you had fun watching the music video of Cold Shoulder and I especially hope that you had fun singing along to this song Cold shoulder by N-Dubz with the lyrics.

N-Dubz - Cold Shoulder (Official Video HD)