Information about the song Girls by N-Dubz and information about N-Dubz

Now I will be telling you what the lyrics are for the song Girls which are by N-Dubz. This song was first released on 12th December 2010. The length of this song is about two minutes and fifty seconds. Did you know that Dappy’s real name is Dino Contostavlos, Tulisa’s real name is Tula Contostavlos and Fazer’s real name is Richard Rawson? The format you can get for this song is CD single and Digital download. You can find this song in N Dubz new album which is called Love, Live, Life. The producer for this song is JN Dubz photo shootim Jonsin. The label for this song is AATW, Island and Def Jam. The genre for this song is R&B and British Hip Hop. The people who wrote this song are Dino Contostavlos (also known as Dappy), Tula Contostavlos (also known as Tulisa), Richard Rawson (who is also known as Fazer), Jim Jonsin, Danny Morris and Zachary Steiner Anderson. If I were you I’d carry on reading to find out what the lyrics are for the song Girls which is by N Dubz (and I will be telling you more amazing information and facts about N Dubz later on). So I hope you enjoy.

Information about the three singers from N-Dubz Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer

N Dubz were all born in Camden town, North West London and the only reason they are famous is because of Dappy’s father Byron Contostavlos who has sadly past away on 12th April 2007. When Byron Contostavlos died N Dubz dedicated a song to him which was called Papa. Dappy is the main member in this singing group because of what his father has sacrificed for the wholN Dubz(58899)e group. Dappy was born on June 11th 1987. Not only is he a singer but he is also an actor, song writer and a rapper. The types of songs he does are Hip Hop, grime and rap. Tulisa is Dappy’s cousin. Tulisa was born on July 13th 1988 and the types of song she does are Hip Hop, R&B and grime. Not only is Tulisa a singer but she is also an actress, model, song writer and an X Factor judge. Fazer is Dappy’s and Tulisa’s school/ child hood friend. Fazer was born on February 5th 1987. Not only is he a rapper but he is also an actor, song writer, DJ and a record producer. I suggest you carry on reading to find out some more amazing information and more interesting facts about N Dubz.

Did you know that Fazer could play the piano, drums and the keyboard? Now I will be telling you what are the three albums N Dubz have made (which will be in order). In 2008 N Dubz made an album called Uncle B. In 2009 N Dubz made an album called against all odds. Finally but not least in 2010 N Dubz made an album caN Dubz singinglled Love, Live, Life. Now I will be naming all of the tours N Dubz have been on (which may not be in order). The tours they have been on are Uncle B tour, N Dubz Christmas Party, Love, Live, Life tour, Club land live and finally but not least N Dubz have bee in a tour called the against all odds tour. Well I hope you have enjoyed reading this amazing piece of information about N Dubz, I also hope you have enjoyed watching this incredible music video but I especially hope you have enjoyed singing to this superb song Girls which is by N-Dubz.

N-Dubz - Girls (Official Video / HD)