Information about the song I Swear

Now I will be telling you some amazing information and facts for about song called I Swear which is by N-Dubz. This song was first released on September 12th 2006 and this song was recorded from 2005 to 2006. Did you know that there are three members in N-Dubz who are called Dappy (the main member), Tulisa (Dappy’s cousin) and Fazer (who is Dappy’s and Tulisa’s school/ child hood friend)? The length of this song depends. The album version is four minutes and four seconds, the clean single version is four minutes and fifteen seconds and the explicit single version is about four minutes and fifty five seconds. Did you know that Dappy’s real name is Dino Contostavlos, Tulisa’s real name is Tula Contostavlos and Fazer’s real name is Richard Rawson? The label for this song is called LRC. Did you know that the whole of N-Dubz actually wrote this song by them selves (which is really impressive)? The producers for this song are Dino Contostavlos (who is also known as Dappy), Richard Rawson (who is also known as Fazer) and Jamior Edwards. If I were you I would carry on reading to find out some other interesting information and facts (and I will be telling you a little bit about N-Dubz as well) for a song which is called I Swear which is by N-Dubz. So I hope you enjoy reading all of this amazing information.

Information about N-Dubz

N-Dubz have made three albums so far (which will also be in order). In 2008 N-Dubz made an album called Uncle B. In 2009 they made an album called against all odds. Finally but not least in 2010 N-Dubz made an album called Love. Live. Life. Now let me tell you a little bit about the members in N-Dubz. Let me first tell you about the main member in N-Dubz who is called Dappy. Dappy was born on June 11th 1987 and not only is he a rapper but he is also a singer, song writer, an actor and a producer. Now let me tell you about Tulisa. Tulisa was born on July 13th 1988 and not only is she a singer but she is also a song writer, a model, actress and an X Factor judge (how amazing). Finally let me tell you about Fazer. Fazer was born on February 5th and not only is he a rapper but he is also a song writer, producer DJ and an actor. Did you know that N-Dubz are only famous because of Dappy’s father who is called Byron Contostavlos? As you know that N-Dubz has made an album which is called Uncle B, which represents Byron Contostavlos. Sadly Byron Contostavlos died on April 12th 2007 and when he died N dubz decided to dedicate a song to him which was called Papa can you hear me. Did you know that Byron Contostavlos is another reason why Dappy is the main member in N-Dubz? Carry on reading if you would like to find out some more interesting information and facts about N-Dubz.

N-Dubz song List

Did you know that Dappy is going to make a solo album with Rihanna? As you should have heard that N-Dubz are taking a break for 18 months so Dappy is making his own album, Tulisa is making her own album and Fazer is also making his own album. How cool is that, having you own album? Did you know that Tulisa has made her own perfume? Now I will be naming some of the songs N-Dubz has made. Some of the songs N-Dubz have made are called: morning star, playing with fire, cold shoulder, girlz, best behaviour, space ship, so alive, I need you, better not waste my time, took it all away, the man who can’t be moved, dance on, comfortable, defeat you, every day of my life, early days, I swear, love for my slum, let me be, living for the moment, morning star, missing you, man who can’t be moved, number one, no regrets, ouch, papa, say it’s over, strong again, secrets, scream my name, stuttering, shoulda put something on, took it all away, N dubz VS Naa, don’t get nine, duku man, every time we touch, Na na, feva las vegas, love, live, life, love sick, I don’t wanna go to sleep, wouldn’t you, work work and there are much more. If you have never heard of any of these songs then I suggest you hear them right away. There are many ways of listening to their songs such as: you could go on you tube and listen to them but sometimes there is a video so you could watch the music video as well (which is better when there is a video). Well I hope that you have had fun reading all of this amazing information and facts about N-Dubz and a song they made which is called I Swear and I also hope that you have enjoyed watching the music video for the song which is called I Swear.

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