Information on the song Morning Star by N-Dubz

Now I will be telling you what the lyrics are for the song morning star which is by a singing group called N dubz. Morning star was first released on 14th March 2011 and this song length is three minutes and seven seconds. The three members in this sining group are Dino Contostavlos (also known as Dappy who is the main member in this group), Tula Contostavlos (who is also known as Tulisa and she is Dappy’s cousin) and last but not least Richard Rawson (who is also known as Fazer and he is Dappy’s and Tulisa’s child hood friend). This song is available in N dubz new album Love, Live, Life. The three labels for this song are: AATW, Island and Def Jam. The people who wrote this song were: N dubz against all oddsJean Baptiste, Nick Marsh, Ryan Buendia, Michael McHenry and S. Gordon. The producer for this song was free school. The group N dubz have three albums which are called Uncle B, against all odds and love, live, life. Love, live life is their newest album yet and you can find this song (morning star) in this album (love, live, life). Did you know that N dubz write most of there songs? Well carry on reading if you want to know what the lyrics are for the song morning star which is by N dubz (and after I’ll tell you some more information about N dubz). So I hope you enjoy. 

Information on the singing group N-Dubz

Well now you know some of the words or all of the words, therefore, you can press play on the video below and sing along to the song. Of course you can look back at the lyrics just incase you forget. If you like this song then you will definitely love these songs by N dubz which are: cold shoulder, strong again, best behaviour, say it’s over and there are much more to choose from. Did you know that Tulisa from N dubz is going to be a British X Factor judge? So all you N dubz fans better watch the British version of the X Factor and you’ll see Tulisa with Kelly Rowland, N dubz love, live, life coverLouis Washington and Gary Barlow. Not only is Dappy a singer but he is also a producer, songwriter, rapper and an actor. Not only is Tulisa a singer but she is also an actress, model and she is also a song writer. Not only is Fazer a rapper but he is also a DJ, songwriter, record producer also he can play the piano, drums and he can also play the keyboard. Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer all met in Camden and they were also born in Camden. Now I will be naming the three albums N dubz have made altogether (which will be in order). In 2008 N dubz made an album called Uncle B, in 2009 they made an album called against all odds and finally but not least in 2010 Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer made an album called Love, Live, Life. I suggest you carry on reading if you want to know some more brilliant information about N dubz (which is obviously including Dappy, Tulisa and Fazer).    

Before N dubz were called N dubz their name was Likkle Rinsers crew. If you ever want to watch a film where N dubz are starring then I suggest you watch a TV programme called being N dubz. If you haven’t heard of this before then let me tell you that it’s finished and if you want to watch it then go to Channel 4 (official website) and search being N dubz.  Another movie you can watch is called Dubplate where you can watch your three favourite singer/ stars (Dappy, TuN dubzlisa and Fazer) in an amazing film. I suggest you rent this film from an online website such as love, block busters and etc. If you don’t have a credit card then I suggest you buy the movie from WHSmith, Tesco’s and etc. So I hope you have enjoyed reading this amazing information and facts about N dubz, I also hope you enjoyed watching the video for Morning star and I especially hope that you had a lot of fun singing to this song with the lyrics.