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Earth Now App

NASA's Earth Now is a free, educational mobile application that visualizes recent global climate change in the palm of your hand.  With data from the Earth Science satelites, Earth Now will show you the Earth, right now! This NASA iPhone app will show surface air temperature changes, carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, ozone and much more!

NASA's Earth Now: Vital Signs of the Planet

Released in January 2012, NASA's Earth Now will help you and your children learn more about our Earth by usuing color coded legends that help indicate relative strength or weakness of an environment. Using color makes this environmental mobile application fun and exciting! 

3D Earth

When you open the application, you will be asked to turn your location locator which will optimize your experience with the app.  If you do not, it may be difficult to find the area that you live in with the use of some of the maps. The home screen is a 3D image of Earth (see below).  

The stunning graphics of these modern devices are amazing! With a swipe of your finger,  you can spin the Earth to any location you desire. Also, you can zoom in and out using two fingers (like you would in any other program).  



Vital Signs & Details

Using the map, you can choose from different options to view characteristics of an area or region.  You can easily change different information with only a small load time (about twenty seconds or less depending on your device).  You can choose from the following maps:

  • Air Temperature
  • Carbon Dioxide
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Gravity Field
  • Ozone
  • Sea Level
  • Water Vapor
  • None (Standard View as pictured above)

Under each Datamap, you can also take this NASA application further and learn more than just what each map shows.  For instance, when using the Ozone map, it will give you information about what O3 (Ozone) is and what harm can come from higher levels.  It also gives a break down the information so that any school-aged child can understand. 



A Quick Demo

The educational value of NASA's Earth Now App is great!  It is easy to use and will keep children and adults interested in our planet.  A highly recommended program for all users!  NASA's Earth Now makes science fun!

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