The crop of free agents that are free to sign with any NBA teams starting in July 1, 2010 has brought a lot of excitement to see which superstars change teams. Some of them are expected to continue stay with their current team. Yet, those are having NBA fans buzzing about free agency that will most likely change the landscape of the league for the next decade. Remember that one week before the period begins, the teams will be drafting players to add to their team. John Wall is the consensus to be the first pick overall, which the Washington Wizards have. Most of the players are not even 30-years-old yet. Shaquille O'Neal is a free agent again after spending a year in Cleveland, but he's 38. His teammate, Lebron James, was the local player for the Cavaliers. They failed to win the championship together. They lost to the Boston Celtics in the Eastern Conference Finals even though they had home court advantage. The Celtics did happened to play extremely will on the road during the 2009-10. The two-time MVP may stay in Ohio, but the team did fired Coach Mike Brown. Lebron is the best player available in the open market. Dwyane Wade, who is the second best player, would love to stay with the Miami Heat especially since they have Pat Riley. The problem is he's not getting sufficient help to get the team past the first round of the playoffs. Udonis Haslem is also a free agent. Imagine if his hard work and professionalism leaves Miami. Everybody would love to have those traits on their team. Most of them would be spending money on him as if he's a superstar. Not having Udonis as a teammate certainly won't fit well with Dwyane.

Since Chris Bosh has been playing without much help during his whole career of seven seasons with the Toronto Raptors, he will most like leave the team. He's not even giving them the sense of what he may do. The Rockets would to get him so he play alongside Yao Ming for years. Chris' wish list of destination for next season are the Raptors, Lakers, Knicks, Bulls, and the Heat. Yao Ming is also a free agent. You may wonder why Houston hasn't taken care of him with a big contract. It's because he has missed 173 games over the past five years. That consists more than two seasons of not playing. He missed last season after having a reconstructive foot surgery. In the upcoming 2010-11 season, his minutes will be monitored and limited. One of Yao's teammate, Luis Scola, is a restricted free agent. The Rockets are looking to keep to this smart, tough, and dependable veteran.

Dirk Nowitzki is mostly will come back to the Mavericks. Mark Cuban would do or say something by now to compensate for a guy like Dirk not coming back. Would you think he's only deciding to go into the off season without a contract so maybe he can get better teammates? One way Mark made his mark in the league is by making his team a worthy to play by having numerous amenities in the stadium and the training facilities.

Joe Johnson has become an integral part of the winning Hawks team. He turned down an offer from them last season for a reported four years and $60 million. This year, after struggled to make the playoff games close in their second round match up with the Orlando Magic, they fired Head Coach Mike Woodson. Hawks management replaced him with Assistant Coach Larry Drew, who had a good working relationship with Joe.

Amar'e Stoudemire hasn't been able to help the Suns to get the Lakers to win a championship. Will he leave to a place that he thinks will win for sure just like Ron Artest did (by joining the Lakers for the 2009-20 season).

There are many other lower-tier NBA free agents in 2010 that surely won't mind playing with LeBron James and Dwyane Wade. They are: Carlos Boozer, Rudy Gay, David Lee, Josh Childress, Paul Pierce, Tyrus Thomas, Ray Allen, John Salmons, Brendan Haywood, J. J. Redick, Ronnie Brewer, Raymond Felton, Josh Howard, Matt Barnes, and Richard Jefferson.