The government is considering flexing it's overused muscles by regulating a change in the college football BCS championship team selection system. College football has become such a big money endeavor that complaints have been arising as to the legalities of it's current configuration. I'm personally a big college football fan, and in the camp of those who'd love to see a playoff system instituted. But, the federal government should stick to the seemingly insurmountable problems already on it's plate, and let the natural progression of this situation evolve without interference.

With 120 universities in Division in 1-A getting the most of the press, there are well over 600 college football teams in the country. The NCAA has a number of sports to regulate, and each sport has several aspects to monitor including violations of rules and the transferring of student athletes between colleges. Student athletes are expected to maintain certain grade point averages as well and responsibilities cascade down through institution administration as well as the coaching staff. Without this assistance there'd be absolutely no way of keeping track of athlete grades and eligibility regarding years of participation with redshirting rules to be acknowledged. Throw in the fact that some students invariably have legal troubles as well and you've got a balancing act that's taken a long time to achieve.
Any outside interference of this system as it exists could produce disastrous consequences if it extends to anything beyond a few general top level decisions.

The press of course does it's part in watching proceedings and are probably as diligent as anyone at exposing infractions.

There's so much money involved in the sport that the NCAA will undoubtedly create it's own playoff system within two or three years, with no outside prodding being neccessary. And, who on earth would agree that the government is more capable than the universities and the NCAA in regulating a new college football system? Why has creating a playoff system been a topic for so long without it being done? I can't answer that. I've heard methods of setup suggested, but it's a complicated thing and not everyone will be happy no matter how it's implemented. Most professional and amateur sports already have playoff scenarios and I don't think the government had to assist any of them in any major capacity getting them up and running.

A playoff system is already being be demanded by advertisers, and it will happen. Guaranteed! And it will be set up at least partially sensibly. Who else can do that? I believe I know who can't!

Allow the government into this, and everything from pro tennis to NASCAR had better grab their pants.