We start this episode off with a business meeting of a steel company which seems to be on a downward slide. Then, things switch to an event of some kind in which the company's president is attending. Also in attendance is the secretary of the Navy, Gibbs, and Tony. After a brief exchange between the business man and SecNav, we see that the two men seem to be old acquaintances. And not long after that, a gunman comes in and shoots SecNav. Gibbs and Tony go directly to SecNav to make sure that he's okay. And as they do so, the gunman escapes. Now right about here is where I was sitting in my couch and calling "Bull$#@!", because there's no way that Gibbs and Tony go to SecNav's side instead of drawing their guns on the shooter. I mean, he could have shot more people and it doesn't take both of them to watch over SecNav. At least one of them would have gone after the shooter. So, it was more than a little out of character. But my complaints were quickly put to rest in another scene.

Gibbs and Tony meet with Dr. Ryan (played again by Jamie Lee Curtis) and the apparent shooter. It turns out that the shooting was fake and Gibbs and Tony knew about it the whole time. So, naturally they didn't chase the guy. Okay. Things start to make sense now. SecNav is okay, but they don't want people to know he's okay yet. Apparently someone hacked into some very sensitive government intel and was attempting to blackmail the Navy. Some signs were pointing in the direction of the business CEO and friend to SecNav from earlier. I'll just tell you now where this all ends up going. It turns out that the CEO wasn't behind it, but his half brother had bluffed a black mailing to cover up a murder he had committed in some dillusional attempt at protecting his brother and the company from some information the victim might have leaked had he lived. This really wasn't the main focus of the episode for me.

The continued side story which ran throughout this episode and started in the previous was about Dr. Ryan and Gibbs. I really feel that we as an audience are being force fed a big dose of Jamie Lee Curtis here. Nothing against the actress herself, but the character is not that interesting and really more annoying than anything else. This really feels forced much the same way as the EJ and Tony relationship from the latter part of last season and earlier this season. She tries to tell Gibbs how to interrogate someone and he's actually supposed to listen to her?? Gibbs? He's the master interrogator. If there was a book on the subject which was required reading for NCIS, he would have written it. I mean, come on. And Dr. Ryan's expertise seems to be changing to fit the situation. One moment, she's a psychiatrist. Another she's a special representative with all kinds of clearance and authority. And they can't even seem to figure out what her specialty or abilities should be. She does psych profiles in one episode, but reads reactions and body language and is really quite reminscent of that show "Lie to me" as opposed to a traditional psychiatrist, government or otherwise in the next. And for some reason, Abby seems to think that she's supposed to be psychic?? In one scene, she seems to out dead guy talk Ducky..... I don't even know what to say to that other than the fact that she seems to compliment, strangely somehow impress, and dismiss Ducky all at the same time. This character really goes on a power trip at times. In addition to the interrogation "advice", she also starts telling Gibbs what he should say and even who he should send where. At one point, she put her hand on Ziva's shoulder to hold her back from leaving once Gibbs had given the order for her to go somewhere. The writers seem to like doing this with new female characters. Maybe they think they need to put an empowered woman in Gibbs' way every once in a while or something. I don't know what they're thinking. But I personally find it annoying and it feels out of place. The strangest part about it here isn't that Dr. Ryan is pushy. It's that everyone seems to be okay with it. Even Abby who never likes change or anyone overstepping Gibbs. It seems as though we can expect at least one more episode with Jamie Lee Curtis this season though like it or not, judging by the lip lock her character and Gibbs shared at the end of this one. There's also some strange sub plot having to do with her son and apparently an exhusband. Oh, and she's "running" presumably from her past. This just screams cliche to me. I was really hoping for more from this season. All and all, this wasn't a horrible episode, but being as how the major focus was on this new relationship which feels so out of character for so many different characters and reasons, it left me feeling a bit unsatisfied personally. But if you liked how the relationship story was going in the last episode, I guess you'll feel differently from me about this one. Good for you. I just hope there's something better in store for us before the season ends.

A few things to look out for as the season draws closer to an end.... We were told there would be more unison between Gibbs and Vance as they had to stand up to the new SecNav. I don't think we've really seen anything special in that department yet. The Tony and Ziva relationship is still being hinted at and flirting continues from time to time. So, who knows if anything will ever actually come of that or not? Palmer's wedding is supposed to be happening this season and I think we'll be seeing the team present in that. Other than that, who knows, because the big conspiracy story from the first arc of the season seems to be wrapped up at this point. As far as I can tell, the season isn't building on any big finishing arc unless it has to do with Dr. Ryan and her problems I mentioned earlier.