Newest technology

Technology plays an important role in our life. It makes our life better than it was earlier. Young generation is always ready to know and adopting new technology that is bring by the giant companies. Companies bring technology for its consumers and look how their consumers respond to it so that they can know what is left and where and encourage them to produce better technology. Some new technologies that will come in 2013 are as given below:

1. Samsung Flexible Screen Technology: 


Samsung showed off flexible display technology at CES at Las Vegas. This technology is Youm. Samsung uses thin plastic with bendable OLED line-up instead of using glass, which means it makes screen unbreakable and bendable. Samsung uses OLED to give the screen higher contrast ratio with better power efficiency. Company has shows flexible, transparent display at CES 2011 and promise for bringing them in the future. The screen is only bendable not fold-able like a paper piece.

2. NVIDIA Tegra 4:

nvidia tegra

Mobile technology seems to take a new look with announcement some high-end chip-sets like NVIDIA Tegra 4, Qualcomm Snapdragon 800, etc. from NVIDIA, Qualcomm and Intel. Two years ago, NVIDIA shows "Tegra 2" making its way into "best of show" products. This year NVIDIA announced "Tegra 4" which is a next generation quad-core processor. It features 4+1 core, ARM A-15 based CPU and a powerful "72 core" GPU. It is six times faster than Tegra 3, 2.6 faster browsing, 45% less power, support ultraHD video (4k) and will have a fast 4G modem.

3. Qualcomm Snapdragon 800:


This year Qualcomm provides information publicly what they are bringing in 2013. They announced Snapdragon 800 which has a quad-core  "Krait" 400 based processor of 2.3 GHz, which is 75% faster than S4 pro. It includes Adreno 330 graphics providing two times better performance than Adreno 320. It will support ultraHD videos. The fastest internet speed on it will be 150 Mbps with LTE. Snapdragon 600 is the same as Snapdragon 800 except its processor speed is 1.9 GHz and will have Adreno 320 which means two times slower than Snapdragon 800.

4. SONY Xperia Z, waterproof phone:


Sony has announced their waterproof smart phone, which is capable of being submerged up to a depth of three feet for 30 minute. So we can take this phone in the bathroom while bathing. It will also survive if being dropped in toilet. It means if it gets dirty we can clean it under water tap. It is a five-inch screen phone running on Snapdragon S4 pro quad-core processor. It has 13 MP rear cameras, 2.2 MP secondary camera, 2GB RAM, 16 GB internal memory, waterproof, dust-proof. It has Android 4.1.2 Jelly Bean.

5. Haier's Future TV: Brainwave/Eye Controlled:


Chinese TV gaint Haier has announced its future TV at CES which  controlled by eyes and mind for doing operations on it like a remote do. It is amazing, but going to true as they said at CES 2013. If it goes true this will be the great technology in TV arena.