Wearable Blankets for Sale

Wearable NFL Blankets for Sale - The Ideal Game Watching Attire

True football fans are serious about serious comfort. Part of the enjoyment of watching a football game at home is digging into your favorite nook or couch, warming up some nachos and settling in for some relaxation. When it comes to watching your favorite football team in style and comfort, nothing beats settling into the couch in a full length wearable NFL blanket. This football fan's comfy fleece throw is perfect for afternoon naps, curling up with a good book, lounging around the house during a sleep over with friends, and, of course, being cozy so you can catch all the action when your favorite football team is playing. These NFL comfy fleece throws are available in a variety of different stylings and feature many of your favorite football teams' official logos and color patterns.

Specifications of NFL Comfy Fleece Throws and Wearable Blankets

The basic design idea underlying these comfy fleece throws is the combination of a fleece blanket and fitted pajamas. Whereas fitted pajamas are warmer but a little less comfortable than an open blanket, taking the best of both worlds results in these NFL comfy fleece throws. These NFL comfy fleece throws feature oversizes arms that are actually stitched into tubes like the sleeves of a jacket or coat. This may not seem like a big deal at first, until you consider the plight of every lounging couch potato that's fumbling with handling a remote control underneath and then above the covers. Either you can't get a signal from underneath your blanket, or you risk an unwelcomed chill blast on your hands when you raise them up over the blanket to change the channel or turn up the volume. Thankfully, these NFL comfy fleece throws are here to save the day.

The oversized sleeve design allows you to handle the remote control comfortably and easily while staying warm all the way up to your wrists. If you start to get too hot, just remove your arms from the sleeves and you'll quicky cool off. The best thing about these NFL comfy fleece throws and wearable blankets is their versatility. Regardless of whether it's deeply cold or only a little bit chilly, or if you're just trying to veg out to the TV or actively read a book, you can arrange your NFL wearable blanket or comfy fleece throws to suit your needs.

These NFL wearable blankets or comfy fleece throws are made from super thick fleece for added warmth and softness. These thick wearable blankets will stay thick and fluffy even after years of service and repeated washes. You don't have to worry about your NFL wearable blankets thinning out anytime soon.

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Once you've tried wearing and lounging around in NFL comfy fleece throws and wearable blankets, you'll wonder how you ever got on before. You have so much freeedom of movement and mobility when you're snuggled up under wearable blankets because your hands are perfectly free. You can surf the web or watch recaps of your favorite football teams on your laptop, all while remaining totally protected from the cold. You can roll over on your side and play a game of cards against someone on a low table or floor and still be toasty warm. You can talk on the phone while watching your favorite football team on TV so you can taunt your friend over the play-by-play. NFL wearable blankets usher in a new era of freedom and possibility to the accomplished coach potato and discerning football fan alike.

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