Inflatable football gear has come a long way from the simple number 1 finger of yore. Now NFL inflatable merchandise is as varied as blow-up player statues, lawn ornaments, inflatable chairs with your favorite team's official logos on them and even collectible inflating helmets. Here's one of the most popular puff-up players showing off his Green Bay grit - but every team has one of these cool gridiron guards available: 

Inflatable NFL Game Merchandise Green Bay Packers Blow Up Player

These guys stand an impressive FIVE FEET tall and comes complete with ground stakes, tie downs and even an inflation fan that will do all the hard work of huffing and puffing him up to full height for you. These inflatable players make excellent tailgating party mascots or door guards for Superbowl Sunday. All your friends and fellow football fans will leap when they first seen this linebacker leering down on them!

For extra fun, buy inflatable NFL players from opposing teams and set them against one another in your lawn to show you that your home is serious about the upcoming football game. Known as Bubba the Linebacker, these oversize inflatables make a huge statement!

Inflatable Football Helmets

Official NFL blow-up helmets are excellent collector's items and they're easy to transport and send. At only $9-12 a pop, they're also excellent cheap football gifts for your favorite fan. They are also available for every National Football League team and you can blow them up in a matter of seconds. Fun for wearing on the couch while watching the game with your friends, but they shouldn't be used to protect your noggin against anything more serious than an empty beer can hurled in retaliation for excessive trash talking. 

Official NFL inflatable helmets for sale

Depending on the football merchandise deal of the day, you can sometimes snag 3 of these blow-up helmets for under $35! Obviously it goes without saying that you should be careful not to overly strain these football novelties too hard lest they pop and deflate your fun. 

Inflatable NFL Kid Pools (Or Beer Coolers?)

The ultimate self-serving gift. You just grab up one of these football themed inflating kid pools and let junior use it after school. Then, when the big game is almost on, you haul it out of the shed, blow it up to full size, line it with a tarp and dump in a bunch of ice and your favorite brews. Now you are officially ready for a football cookout. 

Inflatable National Football League Pool - Helmet Shaped

Each of these blow-up outdoor pools is shaped like a football player's helmet and has the team's official logo on the side and is styled in their color scheme. If you have a window of your house that you can see from outside, you can combine the best of both worlds and watch your football game on TV through the window while lounging in your private pool. 

Getting the Best Deals on Inflatable Football Merchandise

Inflatable NFL merchandise is a bit on the pricey side of things, especially when you're dealing with the larger items like the lawn statues and ornaments. When you consider how much stitching and workmanship goes into one of these blow-up football players, along with all the included equipment like the stakes and auto inflation fan, it's not that bad a deal to get all of this for around 99 bucks. If you take care of your blow-up statues and don't leave them out in the elements for long periods of time, you'll be able to get years of good use from them. 

If you want to buy inflating NFL gear, the best time to do it is during the off-season when merchants are trying to clear and offload their unsold inventory. You're always likely to pay premium prices during the football season itself!