The NFL Draft was created to help teams that struggled the previous year to add some good young talent and the hope was it would create some parody in the league. Teams often slide up and down from year to year, but using the draft correctly would create a more even playing field. This years draft class is being counted on by several teams to help improve a franchise. Here is a look at the teams that could benefit most from their selections this year and possibly make a run at the playoffs or even a Super Bowl.

Minnesota Vikings:

For coming up with an impressive first round draft, General Manager Rick Spielman deserves more than just a pat in the back. Their defensive side of the ball got more empowered with the addition of defensive lineman Shariff Floyd and corner Xavier Rhodes. Rhodes is a big and imposing presence at corner and is expected to handle the bigger wide receivers in the league. Floyd is a huge upgrade on the defensive line and a player expected to help stuff the run. Minnesota also drafted a wide receiver, Cordarrelle Patterson in the first round and his presence on the team should help the offense move the ball better through the air. All three of these youngsters are being counted on heavily and if they perform well, the sky is the limit for this franchise in the coming years.

Cincinnati Bengals:

Consistent in gathering good young talent through the draft in recent years, Marvin Lewis successfully put together another outstanding effort in the draft. Tyler Eifert pumps up the game with his exceptional pass catching and ball skills to match his 6'6” frame. The young tight end should help the offense, especially in the red zone and he could give Jermaine Gresham a run for the starting job. Gio Bernard and BenJarvus Green- Ellis are an explosive pair who will work heavily on the change of pace- back techniques. Bernard comes into a good situation as a rookie running back and should get plenty of playing time as he prepares to takeover the starting duties in the near future. On the defense side, Margus Hunt and his imposing physical presence is another quality player added to a team that has already made big strides by making the playoffs the past two seasons, but with these new rookies, making a run at a Super Bowl appearance is possible.

Detroit Lions:

After a disastrous 2102 season, General Manager Martin Mayhew and Coach Jim Schwartz put together a solid plan for the 2013 NFL Draft. They selected the most promising talent and players they hope will help turn this team around. On defense they have chosen the very raw talents of Ziggy Ansah. He has a strong combination of speed, swiftness and professional athleticism. Alongside the presence of Ndamukong Suh and Nick Fairley they should form a formidable front line and imposing big bodied squad that can shut down opposing offenses. The addition of the fast running Darius Slay on the corner should help the secondary against speed receivers and give the Lions a player that can help produce turnovers, something the team struggled with last year. Detroit should be improved on offense with Reggie Bush now in the backfield, but the team is counting on the two youngsters on the defensive side if they want to challenge in the tough NFC North.