NFL Zippo Lighters for SALE

NFL Zippo Lighters - The Ultimate Refillable Lighters for the Discerning Football Fan

NFL zippo lighters combine two of the football fan's favorite things - official NFL football gear and reliable high quality refillable lighters. These football team zippos represent the ultimate football fanatic's collectible gear because they can be saved and displayed as part of a collection, used for reliable lighting even in high winds, or both! If you enjoy firing up a fat stogie while watching your favorite football team decimate the competition on the field, then reach for an NFL refillable zippo lighter for reliable lighting every time. Zippos have become one of the world's most popular lighter types because of their unique design. Essentially portable handheld wicked lanterns, these super reliable zippo lighters draw fuel upward into a metal wind-guard that produces a strong wide flame thanks to a thick and generously soaked wick. You can use your NFL zippo lighters for lighting cigarettes or cigars or even starting campfires when exploring the great outdoors. Zippo lighters have become a favorite companion of outdoorsmen and women who like knowing they can have an instant strong flame even when strong winds would make igniting smaller lighters next to impossible.

Collectible NFL Zippos For Every Hometeam Football Fan

NFL lighters make excellent football fan gifts and sports gear collector's items. That's because these NFL lighters are licensed to feature the official NFL team logos worn by your favorite football players on the field. Whether you're just looking for one good pocket lighter to keep on you at all times for your smoking and camping needs, or you want to start a respectable sports memorabilia collection, you can't go wrong with NFL zippos. These handsome refillable lighters feature brushed nickel exteriors that hold up well to all of life's bumps and scratches. The emblazoned NFL team logos on the front show the name of your hometeam as well as their official symbol on a colorful backsplash. You can expect to enjoy many years of use from your NFL lighters with only a little regular maintenance and care. In order to ensure your football zippos give you years of service, you will need to replace the wicks, padding and lighter fuel semi-regularly.

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Proper Care and Maintenance of Your Refillable NFL Lighter

Thankfully, zippo lighters are not very high maintenance when you consider how long they can last given proper care. Refillable zippo lighters feature long coiled wicks that tuck down into the body of the lighter. Whenever the top showing part of your wick becomes burned out or shortened, making it more difficult to light your refillable lighter, you need only to pop the central lantern housing out of its metal case in order to fold back the protective pad. This will free up the extra coiled zippo wick and allow you to pull out some more through the wick guard so you will have a new piece of fresh wick. This is usually the best way to ensure a strong reliable flame when lighting your NFL zippo. The other important thing to remember in terms of care and maintenance of your refillable lighter is that zippos need to have their fuel replenished semi-regularly. Even if you don't use your refillable NFL lighter often, you will notice that after a while some fuel will naturally evaporate.

Therefore, it's recommended that you pick up an extra canister of refillable lighter fuel when you purchase your NFL lighter. Replenishing the fuel in your refillable lighter is simple and only takes a couple of seconds. First, you'll remove the lantern housing from the outer flip case and pull back the protective flap. Next, flip up the applicator on your extra fuel canister and squirt some fuel into the padding of your zippo until the internal wadding is well saturated with fuel. Make sure you only replace enough lighter fuel so that the wadding is wet but not so soaked that fuel begins to mount up on the top of the wadding. Overfilling your zippo lighter can be dangerous as you may have covered your hands or surrounding surfaces with fuel when you go to ignite your refillable lighter.

Once you have replaced the fuel and re-assembled your NFL zippo, take a clean rag and wipe down all the external surfaces of your lighter. Next, go wash your hands well with soap and warm water and towel them until they are completely dry. This will reduce the chances of any accident when you go to ignite your NFL zippo.

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Starting a Collection of NFL Lighters

NFL Zippos make for excellent sports memorabilia collector's items. You can find a small glass case to keep your NFL lighters dust free and display them proudly in your favorite sports themed room or at the office. Or, you can keep them on hand for whenever you have fellow football fans over to watch the big game. You can offer your guests a nice cigar along with a classy NFL lighter to ignite it with.