PSPs from the past

Sony has so far released four versions of their PSP handheld game console. Each one a little better than the previous. Playstation Portables are the first handhelds to use a universal media disk which they've abandoned for the PSP Go (instead you download games from the internet). The launch of the very first PSP didn't go off with a bang exactly. There were some hardware issues like the handheld ejecting disks and dead pixels, but they sold out fast. Sony decided to increase the storage size from 32MB to 64MB for the PSP-2000/3000 models, and also added a microphone for the PSP-3000. So what new features does the Playstation Vita Codenamed NGP (Next Generation Portable) have? Well, lets take a look.

NGPCredit: amazon

Playstation Vita screen

First off, the screen size is a little bigger. They went from 4.3 inches to a 5 inch OLED (organic light emitting diode) screen. The OLED screen allows the handheld to be slimmer, lighter and provide better contrast ratio than the LCD screens on earlier generations. This will definitely enhance each game you play on the device, and will even make your PSP-3000 and earlier generations games appear better as the NGP is backward compatible. Additionally, everyone made a big deal about the anti-reflective technology Sony fitted their PSP-3000 with, but the Playstation Vita now has a touchscreen display which will allow for easy navigation and superior interactivity.

It's what's inside that counts

Sony decided to beef up the internal hardware for the Playstation Vita as well. They installed the ARM Cortex-A9 core processor and a multi-core PowerVR GPU. You'll be able to have better resolution, graphics and speed than previous generations. The NGP also has a built-in GPS, a compass and cameras. If you were ever stranded in some forest, this device would come in handy. Internet connectivity is better as it picks up Wi-Fi and 3G signals, the older generations only had Wi-Fi. I guess the more options the better.

The game is on

The NGP certainly will has its perks. Sony's handhelds haven't been able to top Nintendo's DS line of consoles. And with the Nintendo 3DS coming out with all it's cool new features, the NGP will surely have its work cutout for it. But still, Nintendo has always been able to outsell Sony when it came to handhelds, mainly because of the amount of titles Nintendo throws at their console. It's hard to tell what all the intricacies of why people choose one over the other, but to me it seems game titles are a major part.

Time will tell

Either way, two hot handheld devices are coming out this year and only time will tell which ones will prove to be the best. Game titles and price will play a role in the decision of each person. Other issues could be hardware problems that the ones that arose when the first PSP was launched, but hopefully Sony learned their lesson. In a different article I pointed out some reasons why I thought the next PSP to go on sale might not have that good of a launch, but of course I could be wrong, we'll just have to see.