The first American based NHL team, entering the league during the 1924-25 season, is the Boston Bruins. Under the direction of the great Art Ross, Boston was in the Stanley Cup finals in their third season and won their first Stanley Cup championship in 1928-29, just their fifth in the National Hockey League. It’s understandable, then, that many NHL legends have worn a Bruins jersey. It is also a given that the team’s individual player records are pretty impressive.

Test and expand your knowledge of the Boston Bruins with these four hockey trivia questions.

Q. With 1518, which Boston Bruin holds the team record for most games played over a career?

A. Over an NHL career that lasted from 1979-80 to 2000-01, Ray Bourque played all but his last season and a half with Boston. Bourque played 1518 games with the Bruins. He was traded to the Colorado Avalanche during the 1999-00 season where he won his first and only Stanley Cup. Bourque was elected to the Hockey Hall of Fame in 2004.

Q. With 545, which Boston Bruins legend is at the top of the team’s all-time list for goals scored?

A. ‘The Chief’ John Bucyk played 21 seasons with the Bruins after breaking into the league with the Detroit Red Wings. Johnny retired after the 1977-78 season. Bucyk was inducted into the Hockey Hall of Fame in 1981. Although Phil Esposito had many more goals during his NHL career with 717, he had less than 545 wearing a Bruins jersey. Esposito started his NHL career with the Chicago Blackhawks and finished with the New York Rangers.

Q. 550 shots on net in a single season is not only a Boston Bruins record but still stands as an NHL record. What Bruin accomplished this feat during the 1970-71 season?

A. Although Alex Ovechkin of the Washington Capitals has come close to breaking this mark, the record still belongs to Phil Esposito. That season, Esposito also shattered the NHL’s records for goals scored and total points. Those two records would remain intact until Wayne Gretzky came along.

Interestingly, it’s another Boston Bruin that holds the record for most shots in an NHL career and most shots on goal in a single game. Ray Bourque finished his NHL career with 6,206 shots on net. Most of his time was spent with the Bruins, except for his final season and a half, which was in a Colorado Avalanche jersey. It’s also Bourque that holds the record with 19 shots on net. He accomplished this in a game for the Bruins on March 21, 1991.

Q. Who is the all-time Boston Bruins leader in total career points with 1506?

A. At nearly a point per game pace from the blue line over his 1518 regular season games with the Bruins, the mark for most total career points also goes to Ray Bourque. The fact that Bourque was a defenseman makes this team record all the more impressive. Ray accomplished this with 395 goals and 1,111 assists. Bourque, Johnny Bucyk (1,339) and Phil Esposito (1,012) are the only three to total more than 1,000 points with Boston.


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